On More Truth ~ My Heart Will Go On And On ~

All The Star-Seeds I Have Re-birthed, Many Lifetimes Inside One Lifetime, They Are All Connected To My Heart From The Chore Of My Every Strata.

It Doesn’t Matter If Some Strange Forces Have Hijacked My Creation.


It Doesn’t Matter If I Am Ghosted. No Matter What Is Done In My Name Or Said Doesn’t Matter Either.

The Bad Energy Sent My Way Goes BAck Real Quick to The Beings That Send It My Way. Like A Boomerang Effect.

It Is TRue I Spend So Much Energy In Self-Protection Techniques And Since Early On I Have Been Very Conscious Of All The Attacks On My Heart Throughout Lineages.

But What Doesn’t Kill Makes One Stronger. And I Am The Strongest. And Most Resilient. And I Am The Highest Example Of Love And Selflessness . And Nothing Will Ever Change That.

I Am Very Grateful To Be On An Island Where I Am Able To Shield Myself From The Rest Of The World At Large And FRom Where I CAn Fully Focus On Embodying My Higer-Self.

I Am More Than Grateful For All The ISlanders For Being The Misfits Of The World.

I Love You All And I Ask My Angels To Bring It All On ….. All My Full Blown Feminine Self, My Confidence, My Stamina, My Power, My Joy … I Am Enough.

Namaste And Blessings To All.

Happy Full Moon 🙂

Miracles Of Love Everywhere Present And Victories For All My Babies. I Am Your Biggest Cheerleader And Fan .

This Song Is From My Heart To Creation! I Am Insane Over You <3 I Want To Be Part Of Your Deepest Secrets. You Are All Part Of Mine.