The Funny Folks Like To Call New Creation : “Boring…”

Before I Took My Flight To New Paradigm Vortex In 2009. I was Warned: “Dear….. I Am Your Beloved And My Only Concern Is That You May Find This Boring …” >> We Don’t Make Waves. We Love. We Mind Our Own Business. Stay Out Of Drama. No Ego (Luggage Stays At Door). You Come Forth To The Master In Respect And Humility. We Don’t Make Noise. We Respect Life. We Love Everything That Breathes. We Remain Centered And Grounded At All Times. We Share Meals For 13$ A Day (2 People) Consisting Of Lettuce Tomato And Avocado. Banana In The Morning For The Smoothie We Share With Super Food Powder In There. Cut The Wood, Carry The Water. We Commune. We Are Mostly Naked, With A Bathing Suit When Guests Show Up. We Live A Simple Life. We Are Royals. Truly Divine In All Ways. We Are Wise. We Are Brilliant. We Are Eternal. We Honor The Practices Of The Ancients. We Do Our Energy Work And Keep The Vibrations High At All Times. We Do Good, Be Good, Stay Good. We Know How And When To Indulge. The Ocean (We Are Island Natives) Is Our Home. We Honor All In Creation. We Paint, We Love, We Laugh. We Create. We Are Alive Inside And Out. We Are Simple, We Are Free. We Know How To Say What’s What. We Make Chick Of It Before It Makes Chick Of US. We Are Risen. We Are True. We Are Love.

Our Religion Is Coconut Oil. Herbs, Spices, And Magic Realms Of Manifestations In The Highest. That’s Who We Are.

We Know What’s Up. We Maintain. Share And Get To The Bottom Of Things. We Commute And Enlighten And Treat Others Better Than We Ever Were Treated. We Give Never Expecting Anything In Return. That’s How The Story Goes.

Day 6 Master Cleansing And Guidance Had Holy-Spirit, Rainbow-Aurora, Sofia-Zion, Mother-Of-New-Creation Restart The Organism With Orange And Grapefruit Juice. Now Hot Broth.

All Is Well In the Best Of Worlds Possible > The Twin-Flame Journey Is Nothing But Absolutely Mesmerizing, The Minute I Burn A Letter To My Angels, My Twin Flame Is Out There Executing Commands And We Have Redeemed All In Creation In One Go. Magic Swipe. Like The Magic Eraser. Poof. Gone. Cream Puffs.

Nice And Easy. Safe. Always Safe In Our Main Motto.

Reaching Zero Point. Bringing All In Creation Along. Anchoring New Earth Energies And Codes.

We Are Winning Huge.

Arcturian Bases Are Very Pleased With Humanity’s Growth And Responses. The Advances And Increases In Emotional Maturity Are Assisting Us Here At Galactic Central Accomplish Our Mission In Uniting Heaven And Earth.

Special Message To All: Stay Centered And Grounded. Watch Your Emotions Like Passing Clouds. Take Note. Not Two. Alert. Conscious. No B.S. Stay True. Baggage AT The Door.

Huna Prayers. Ho’oponopono. Moment To Moment. I Am And The Action : I Am Walking. I Am Looking At The Tree… Etc .. Awaken The Witness. Present In The Present Moment Of Now. It’s Only Here Where Creation Can Manifest.

Cracking The Mystery Of The Sphinx Is Being Undone. Inside And Out . Be Here More.

Okay Loves. Easy Does It.