~ The Knower ~

Standing Tall, Rooted, Grounded. Day 6 Master Cleanse And The Brain Fog Is Clearing. The Shoulder, Opening. The Wing Re-Attaching. Balance Is Attained. Inside And Out. Anchoring My Energy. Being Present In The Moment. Completion Energies. It’s All Here Now. I’ve Obtained My Rewards!

Standing Strong On My Own Two Feet; Built Myself From Scratch. Achieved My Own Dreams Of True Love Come True. My New Beginning Is Here. I Deserve Everything I Am Getting. It’s All For Me And It’s All Here. Love Is Mine To Keep.

I Watch Situations Around Me Crumbling Hard… I Stand Peaceful And Feel In My Element.

I Have Attained My Personal Victories. I Am Stable, Grounded, Balanced And Abundant. Empowered, Powerful. The Storm Has Ended. It Was Never My Storm. I Now Recognize I Am The Eye Of The Storm.

I Send Compassion To All The Unhappy Players Making Believe ..

I Am Walking My Walk. Being Love In Action. I Live A Healthy Life, Joyful Abundant And Miraculous. I Breathe Fresh Crisp Air, Eat The Greatest Food, Meditate, Ride My Bike To Keep The Ecosystem Pollution Free, Get To Yoga; I Have My Hermit Phases And Go Within And Clear More Strata To Free Up More Energy For All ~ We Are One And … My Spiritual Life Is Quite Fruitful, Always Keeping It 100!

I Am The Master Manifestor. What I Need Always Comes To Me In No Time. Soon As I Stand My Ground, Here It IS ….

So Much To Offer, And All There Is To It Is Getting To Zero Point, Where Creation Is Possible.

How Beautiful It Is To Enjoy The Silence, After So Much Turmoil That I Allowed In From The Outside !

All I Keep From My Past Is My Achievements, What It Brought To Me In Terms Of Growth…

I Forgive Myself Immediately For All My Mistakes … I Rise From The Nastiness. I Enjoy Feeling Stable Grounded And Balanced; I Choose Joy Happiness And Contentment!

I Let Go Of All That Is No Longer Serving Me And That Includes All The Drama That Is Not Mine To Deal With! <2:22>

I Am Living In The Greatest Country On Earth, On Number One Island.

My New Creation Higher Self Is Grateful For My Upcoming USA Passport With My Name Being A Reflection Of My Perfect Embodiment : Aurora Diamond Rainbow.

My New Creation Contract Is Active And I Am Continuing On My Journey Which Is To Bring On The New Paradigm Full On.

I Feel Blessed, Whole And Complete; Very Proud Of Myself For Setting Up The Stage For Being The Best I Can Be At All Moments And Be The Highest Example Of Love That i Am.

I Am Grateful For My Courage, Grace, Beauty, Force, Uni-Directionality And All The Victories Paving The Way To Even More Greatness.

I Love All In Creation And Send Everyone So Much Compassion On Their Journeys!

Lovingly Yours,

Aurora Mother Of New Creation