Taking Back My Powah! By Aurora Mother Of New Creation

Letting Go . Done . Time For New Energies . Out With The Old And The Secrets. In With The New.

USA Is A Large Country And There Certainly Are Amazing Capable People Here … My Tribe! That Will Pull Through And Win With Me! So Looking Forward To Activating New Creation Codes! In The Interim Celebrating Being Risen, BEAUTIFUL, Young, Free And A Winner!!!!!!!!

WOW .. Whatever Hit Me Is Gone By Now.

All The Concepts Out The Window. All That Remains Is What Is Concrete. What I Can Touch .

It’s My Time To Shine.

Glad To Be Out Emotionally Mentally And Physically Of Everything That Plagued Me. I Pray To God To Cut My Chords Totally With All My Past Which DOESN’T SERVE ME. And Help Me Move On And Recreate The New, My NEW!!!!!!!!

I Remain True To My Mission …. Happy Healthy Island Style ! We Got It Goin’ On!

Reaching To The Other Side Of The Rainbow.

All Alone. The Old Is Out.

Time For The New.


Love You Guys To The Moon N Back!

Done With The Suckers . What A RELIEF . Dude! I’m Born A Winner. No Clue What This Loser Energy Clinging Onto Me Is About. It’s Gone Now, Can’t Deal With Losers One More Second… Way Too Precious! I WIN LIKE I BREATHE! ~ WHOOSH .