Source Super Divine Fem ~ Aurora Mother Of New Creation – Signed DIMA



I Was Asked To Show … One On My Divine Masculines On My Way To My Twin How I Do.

I Don’t Reveal My Secrets Much And He Asked At The Eleventh Hour Which Is Brilliant But Messed It Up And Asked For My Sudden Departure And For Never Receiving His Answers In Person Which Is Okay 🙂 Everybody’s Free. To Wear Sunscreen.

We Only Encourage Coconut Oil At All Times In New Creation. None Of The Commercial BS On The Shelves And Limit Your Sun Exposure To Before 11:00 A.M And After 3:00 P.M . Full Body Tanning Highly Recommended And Wind Baths, Rain Baths .. It’s Full Awakening Matters . Go In The Ocean When It’s Real Cold On Christmas Morning. Because You Can. Be Called The Insane Mermaid. Because You Are! Hahaha!

So The Truth Of The Matter Is That I Have Secret Powers. Which I Use Not Very Sparingly To Be Honest. I’ve Used Them Since Birth And Was Able To Manifest ANYTHING I’ve Ever Wished For Using Them. They ARe Amazing Powers And (I’m Smiling Now) Allow My Memory To Function Faster, Allow Me To Shape Shit, Allow Me To Change The Sands Of Time And To Have Creation Manifest Outcomes. I Can Tap Into Any Intelligence And Make It Behave Like I Know Is Right…. Preparing For The Future Now.

No. This Is Not Full Disclosure 🙂 Hahaha! And Let’s See How The Atoms Respond In Return But I Can Always Steer … They Get Lost A Lot Is The Problem. I am Working On Shifting Some Usage OF My Powers. And To Be Honest The Divine Masculine Force IS Still Pretty Disillusioned Which Is So SAd Let Alone Hilarious. But What I Do About IT Is Give Them What They Ask For . Doesn’t Mean They ARe Not Stupid. They ARe! But They Don’t Know Better.

One Smart Thing My Twin Said To ME (He Doesn’t Say Much But When He Does It’s Significant); He Said : Kill Them With Kindness. So I Do. No PROBLEMO .

Okay! It’s Time For My Salt Water Flush ! SHAZAM. Then The First Lemonade Of The Day. DAY FIVE SHNAGGLES And I’m Practicing Yin Yoga At The Studio Tonight. Good Stuff, Always.

Yin Buddies Show Me Where Creation Is AT!

Boys Hated Me Since Very Young Because I’m A Total Rascal. They Can Never Control Me And They Despise That. Minx Is What You Can Call ME Too ……

BOys Boys Boys.. I’d Follow Them Around With Wooden Chairs And Beat Them Up. I Was A Very Trouble Child, Let’s Keep It At That.

If You Can Handle It.. That Is . My Powers Can Be Overwhelming . For Most. I Can Provide REFERENCES. LOL …..

Special Message To Taylor Swift : You Need To Shift Your Approach Love. It’s Not : Look What You Made Me Do! It’s Look What I Make You Do!!!!!

It’s Not: I Wanna Be Your A-Team. It’s I AM YOUR LEADER!