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Art Work Entitled “Shirley Didn’t Die” For That Time When I Spent 10 Months In Bei; Was Adamant On Keeping On With My Whatever You Want To Call It That Includes Master Cleansing. And When I Master Cleanse, Or In Other Instances Too, And Expose The Body To High Levels Of Heat, Immediate Shifts In Awareness Usually Followed By Intense All Over The Body Shivers And A State Of Nothingness Nowhereness Like Transitory Feels Like A Black-Out But Is Actually Super Amazing ….

Except When It Goes Bonkers And Wants To Reveal Info… Just Like The One Today . Each Time This Happens I Have A Choice To Not Come Back, But I Know I’m Not Going Anywhere So I Never Worry … Until The Episode Of Today .

Never Before Did The Body Get Hurt During These Episodes; Today’s However, Beat The Odds And Had Me Stand Up From My Hot Bath With Salts And Essential Oils, And The Awareness Began To Shift SO Radical I Knew It Was Going To Be A ‘Weird To Say The Least’ Episode….

So I Try And Run Water Over Me To Ground But It’s Happening Fast And I Need To Black-Out So I Barely Walk Out Of The Tub And I Find Myself Sitting On The Rim And Shivering So Hard Like Electroshock. Next Thing You Know, My Face Is Banging Itself On My Macbook Pro Sitting Fronting The Tub. I Usually Surrender Fully To The Experience Cos It Always Carries Messages Or Visions From Other Worlds; This Time The Message Was Clear As Dawn. However Let’s Keep Up With The Narrative; So My Upper Lip And Inside Gums Are Banging Against My Key Pad And I Then Focus On Stabilizing, Get Up And Hold A Corner And Am In A Perpendicular. I Look And My Menstrual Blood Is Making This A Really Interesting Scene And My Tears As Well.

The Code Is About To Be Cracked Which Will Bring In Financial Rewards. Hold Tight Loves, I’m Steadfast And Won’t Give Up … No Stopping The Master Cleanse, No Fear. Day 4 And Feeling Stunner.

Right After Was A Dream (When The Cleaning Was Done, And Sleep Was The Only Possible Way), In Which I Bought A Car That Had A Chip By The FBI That Locked It Down to Only Front And Back Movements.


The Interesting Shift Is That The Recent Guidance Has Me Introducing Soy Products After My Cleanse Which Was A HUGE NO When I First Began My Vegan Journey + Fasting In 2009 . Rule Was NO TOFU, NO SOY-MILK, No Tempeh, NOTHING PROCESSED LIKE THIS …

Maca Always Was A Staple And That’s A Keeper.

Royal Jelly They Say Too ..

Whoever Knows, It’s All Wonderful As Long As This Shoulder Situation Lets Go And I Receive The Puzzle Completion Serve IT Up And Make All Ends Meet … Mission COMPLETION Is On The Horizon.

Hi Tommy Hilfiger, Thanks To The L.A Models Always Gettin’ It.

Also, Thanks For The Free Phone Service Recharge . Very Considerate.


On A Victory Note, The Pleiadian Headquarter Location Closed Down On Us, Then At The Arcturian Base We Had A Meeting With Uriel, Lucifer, Raphael, Mother-God And The Counterfeit .

A Dream From A Love Being Had All In Creation Wanting IN The Arcturian Space-Ship; I Was On Location, Inside The Ship, And She Was Protecting Me From Them All Said They Were Armed …

After Our Meeting Followed By The Dream Guidance, It Is Clear Humanity Needs Rainbow Aurora Like The Other Team Members Do … Just Must Pierce The Veil So I Am Granted A Location Where It Is Safe To Let Them All In And They Are Not Scared Or Armed.


Mother And Father Of New Creation