victory is taking a new form !


so when the prince is choosing the terrorists and the karmics, all that is left to do for the protagonist is to simply take this on, on her own

mother-earth, zion-sophia, great-spirit, rainbow-aurora, finally has said all the last words to each liar and gross disgusting parasite leech that were all special hired and brought to destroy me .

all the jealous old paradigm is going down. my twin flame cannot get to me in the physical in any way sense or form because he has fucked up and still does everyday . he was told today he is not to get near me, marry me, touch my hand, lips or heart ever again .

he can stay with the terrorists they can all suck his blood like they do and i am no longer connected with him so please dear ones stop posting videos of who he is fucking with because he is free to go fuck himself eternally . i have done the work and this is my last life time and i will be bringing on full planetary liberation .

they communicated with me today that they might take him down as i am no longer able to carry his dick’s mistakes on my back . i am not allowed to go to another masculine while i have a twin running around in  wrong action and so hooked to my sexual energy .

something huge is about to shift is what all the goodness in creation is sayin .

the new creation codes will be coming through and i will be activated . i don’t need a man .

hear this trump .

watch n learn kids . thanks for connecting in and thanks for beginning to erase my twin from your cellular memory . he is going down .

also to all the people from my past. you are through . you will never see me, touch me, know me ever again . i am advancing and i was never interested by any of you . you are all losers and douchebags .

my twin can be your leader . i don’t mess with losers.


all the sex cults are going down . you are all pathetic gross fuckers.