so . after the storm, comes the fast . that’s right ….. it is so gross around creation, i can barely look into my own gorgeous face in the mirror without crying.

my twin is me and he has hurt me like no other so it’s practically impossible so far to get over his powering-over me …. a young kid playing tricks on me .

so the only way this can ever go back to bright, is a master cleanse …. lemons are a girl’s best friend , mix that up with cayenne and molasses (cos hhi has no grade b maple syrup) and down that with water and just keep going .

it’s the cure . since no one is stepping up, that’s my best shot at assisting creation .

the channelers on youtube are attempting their best to stay positive but it’s very sad still in creation . i will no longer apologize on behalf of my divine masculine . he is his own person and all children should know that he is responsible for his actions and that i will come out on top no matter what.

all children should know i am mother just by having come through in a body . i am mother and i am enough. father made me at birth then they brought him in a young body but i still own it so it’s only a matter of moments till i am risen proud like a lebanese cedar . robust and glorious, eternal .

as to the spiritual groups outside myself, i re-iterate , most of them are for entertainment, while the majority have no clue what’s going on .

it’s great that everyone has the ability to tap in, but the criminals we all pray for . no big deal .

stay tuned as RA gets ready to finally go back to love, curtsy of lemons and water. more oxygen and total restoration in no time with all the work done lately this is inescapable .

brace yourselves young hearts and i am happy to be taking on the highest amounts of daily pain to transmute for all of you . i would not wish this upon anyone and would gladly take on your illnesses and transmute that .

so sorry people are spinning so hard on top of the volcano all malevolent forces . least i know i planted a seed in aam and he can’t remain retarded and slaved up forever .

so godspeed i couldn’t believe my eyes last night.. in my face articles about a bunch of debutantes happily taking a piss on creation while all the terrorists are taking my energy and reversing it feeding the kids poison cutting my essence off and keeping my twin away from me .

no idea what to say, and the latest has the american gov want me married or deported so that’s going to be fun to watch .children should know geography is not important right now. i’m it wherever u put me and eventually the terrorists will all die .

nite and cheers to everyone enjoying every drop of heaven through me . i promise everyone i will be wiping away the tears and the death my divine masculine hit me with .

come what may .