Twin-Flame Template Red-Head Community !

This Is Not Something Many Are Privy To .. Two Sovereign Beings, Having To Transmute ALL OF THE BS TO Get To Union 🙂 Divine Fems Are Leaders Of Rebirth In Consciousness . Divine Mascs Are Leaders From The Rise From 3d, Closer To Una-wakened Population 🙂

This Is NOT An Identity. It’s A Mission 🙂 Careful Who You Listen To Out There, Many Channels Are In FACT NON True-Twins … That’s What Makes Them Now Go Towards Dropping Their “Twin” As They Are Simply NOT On A Twin Flame Journey Nor Are They Part Of The Template. Twin Flames Are TEACHERS of TEACHERS 🙂

I Was Told By A Healer That I Will Be On Television Teaching Sex With My Several Partners As My Twin Flame Is Bi-Sexual, I Also Have A Soul Mate That Is Also A Twin. Another Soul Flame Of Mine Is A Sex Bender, Her To Loosen Me Up 🙂

Again This Morning I Get The Confirmation That TV Is Involved For The Twins …

Last Night I Got A Vision Where My Twin Showed Up At the Door And I Was Weeping When I Saw Him, In Disbelief That He Made It Out Alive 😉 It Was Sudden Celebrations On The Island Then A Flight Back To The Holy Land !

That Would Be Everything… Everything….. For Dima To Come Back Home … I Felt All My Family’s Denied Feelings Come Back To Life ..

Love Is My ONLY Salvation. True Love That Is . Twin-Flame Love .

That Sudden Heart Opening They Showed Me In My Vision Is Enough To Power Up ALL Dynamics And Strata Of Creation .

Bring All Twins Together … When Twins Finally Come Together After All The Trials And Tribulations We Went Through, It Will Be An Axis Shift For Planet Earth.

Now It Is, And Has Been, Off Axis . Hence All The Karmics Still Involved And The Inability Of The Masculines To Break Free And See The Light And Be The Light …

The Non-Twin Flame Readers Out There Who Recently Dropped Their Journeys And Are Having People Resonate With Them, We Send Lots Of Love To 🙂 They Did Mention Something That Makes Sense Though Which Is: If A Man Doesn’t Honor You, He Doesn’t Love You .. As Referring To How It Is Possibly Possible For The Twin Flame To NOT Be At Our Door Step Now Especially That We Are Queens And Instead Be Cuddling With Their Dog, A Tree, Or Some Skank … Nobody Said This Journey Is For the Faint Of Heart 🙂 Especially Not When You’re The Behind The Scenes Person, Renegade Leader 🙂


It Is A Time To Rest Now Till End Of Jan … 11:11 . We Are Getting Another 1:11:11 Portal On The 29th With A Blast Of Energies Followed By Another Super-Powerful Full Moon .

Enjoy Being In A Lull. … .. .. Woah .. Greatness Will But Hit Our Shores. Take Great Care Everyone And Most Importantly, Ignore The Ignorant People That Simply Don’t Get It ! It’s Not Their Fault Nor Is It Their Jobs To Get IT 🙂

Aurora, Mother Of New Creation