222 ` Dreams Dreams Dreams `

So The Latest Has Mother Of Creation, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Sophia, Rainbow-Aurora, Literally Now Unable To Get Out Of Bed . It’s Terminal . It’s Happening. It’s Real And True . A While Prior, She Was Able To Daily Go Through The ‘Homework Sheet’ From The Myofascial Practitioner.

Now Things Are Different. The Good Part Is That Life In Dream-Land Has Gotten Quite Interesting:

Last Night, She Was Under Sheets With The Former FOAC, And They Weren’t ‘Going All The Way’ Cos She Had Her Childhood Bf Mag, In The Dream, Plotting With Her On NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE !! Then Her Twin’s Grandmother Showed Up Saying She Should Not Give Anything To The Twin Unless He Puts A Ring On It And Asked MONC To Wait, In A Sense, Sort Of Breaking Her Away From The Former FOAC!

Right Now, All The Dreams Are About Weddings. All Mother-Earth Sees In Her Dreams Is A Huge Chapel Hall Where One Wedding After Another Are Taking Place. Aurora’s Birth Father Is Present, So Is Her Birth Mom All Alive And Well.

She Also Has Been Practicing Her Own Wedding In Dream Time. Like The Rehearsal With The Dress And the Twin And He Even Carried Her Over Head By Her Waist She Opened Her Arms Then Put Her Legs Around His Neck In A Joking Manner.

No Idea Kids … But Mom Is Unable To Move Right Now.

This Last Healing Session Was So Intense, The Whole Chemistry Of the Body Was Redone And All The Etheric Implants Removed. We Even Know Who Isis Is By Now…… Which Is Fascinating!

Member The Habbouche Fam? I Used To Hang With Years Now And The Daughter Ended Up Sleeping With All My Boy Gang That Were My Besties … Apparently Satan Is From This Fam, He Presently Is Held Captive By The Dark Cabals In Brazil And Being Turned Into The Next Bin Laden While His Angelic Twin Is In Miami Light-Working ..

Those Beings Are From The Pleidian Order Came Here 15 Billion Years Ago On Ships Bringing On The 144000 Twins …

Which Explains Why, As A History Dating Back 19 Billion Years Ago, My Soul Fam And I Are Quite On A Tangent When It Comes To That Topic, And The Depth Of Feelings I Share With More than One Masculine Co-Creator.

It Is Confirmed Who My Twin Is Each Time. And I Know This To Be True Since Only He Can Make Me Feel The Feelings Dima Made Her Own Mom Feel, Or Dad Etc, As My Twin Whom I Call Dima Since Minute One Does It All To Me. Which Is Grand Cos I Am Understanding Myself So Well Now And Completely Understand That Dima Would Have Done The Exact Same Behavior He Is Onto Cos We Share The Same Blue-Print .. Which Is Very Challenging Cos I Have To Accept Myself So Completely Before He Comes Back Home Into The Light, Which Will Directly Have Me Go Home Into The Light AS WELL And Which Will Have All Hearts Mend … It’s Fascinating.

Last Night They Showed Me How My Birth Mom Lives To See Me Again. How She Lives On The Memory Of Having Seen Me Once In 9 Years Now …

It’s Very Deep And Very True. And Only My Twin’s Extremely Mean Demeanor Can Show Me How Horrendous I Have Been In The Name Of Love.

So As A Result. I Cannot Move And My Right Side Robot Is So Painful I Am Not Sure When This Will Give Up.

So The New Plan, Just Like New California Declared It’s Independence From The Rest Of Cali, Is The No Contact Rule From My End To All Parties Concerned! DUH ..

Oh .. In A Dream too I Was Shown The FCGCT Leaders At A Lake Jumping In. I Saw A Close Up Of AAM’s Face And A Bunch Of New Members. Glad Everyone’s Being Cleansed Like That!.

All The Work I Have Done With My Birth Fam Since Early Childhood Is About To Pan Out. They Showed Me Yesterday How OFF Axis Earth Is Still Today As My Twin Is Not Simply Driving Here And Showing Up. Nor Is Anyone Really From My Soul Family. I Am Kept As An Option, On The Side Lines When I am Mother-Earth .. That’s How Our Planet Feels Right Now With Everyone Out Of Right Action.

I Am Asked To Just Sleep Now. No Idea If I Can Get To The Store For Water HA!

Very Similar To My Birth Mom … She Is Not Spoken To, Kept Asleep, Unloved. Just Kept. She Too And Her Whole Fam Is Arcturian . They Are Having Me Understand All Of IT Before I Receive Something Back ..

Which Is A Lot .