More . Like Most. Not All . But Hey ..

When All And BEYOND Has Been Said And Done …

It Feels Like Home Is Ghost Free. Like All The Murderers Hiding In Closets Are Busted And Gone . Like All The Haters Are Sent Back To The Pastures To Feed 😉 .

It Feels Good And Free. Most Importantly It Feels Care Free. It Feels “Normal” . Which Is Grand . All True Colors Were Shown Today. And For Some Fabulous Reason, The “Twin-Flame” Obsession Is Gone . The Expectation Is Gone. The Heart-Break Is G.O.N.E !!!!!

The New Love Prospects Never Coming Through .. That Too Is Gone .

All That Remains Is An AMAZING Blank Page. Where Everything Is Possible All Over Again!

I Will Always Have The Initial Memories Of 19 Billion Years Ago, When We Created The Moon, The Sun, The Air And The Earth. When Father Was LOVING, GRAND, PURE, BLISSFUL, BEAUTIFUL, RAZZ-LING, GIVING, FASCINATION, GROUND-BREAKING ..

Then Came The Fall And Betrayals And … So Much Growth And Reveals .

And Now It’s All Good. Everybody’s Free. To Wear Sunscreen. HA!

As For Me … Angels Are Saying It Won’t Take Too Long To Figure Out A New Way Out Of All This Mess, Power-Overs From 2017 !

Basically And In A Nut-Shell ! THANK GOSH 2017 IS SO YESTERYEAR .

There Is Nothing Left To Prove. I Truly Hope Everyone Including My Haters Go Get A Life Outside Of Feeding Off Of Me.

I Am My Own Twin And That’s Just How It Is . I Am Not Promising Anything To Humanity Anymore, I Have Done Enough 🙂


When The Twins Do Meet, The Earth Axis Shifts . Literally. The Rest Of You Can Take This On As Of Now And Figure It Out. I Have Given My All. And That’s Enough.


Last Clarification For The Day : In The Initial Blue-Print Story Of Creation, We Came 19 Billion Years Ago Father And I … And That Would Be Arcturian Origins.

There Are Multiple Other Orders And Groups, Namely The Pleidians. That Came 15 Billion Years Ago And Brought Along The 144.000 Twins.

So As I Have Been Saying EVERYDAY : God-Head Energies Are Different That What Comes After That .


To All Parties Concerned : I Have Done Enough. More, Way More Than My Fair Share. So I Now Am A Veteran Ascension Leader. The Angels Are Saying You Can All Be Fierce And Fight Among-st Each Other And Run Around Following Your Tails.

I Am Majestic. Figured Out. And In Deep Self-Love. A Few More Moments Of That And I Am Risen Shiny Bright!


Namaste And Blessings To All.

Shout Out To My Beauty Cardi-B … We Librans Apparently Have Got To Prove Ourselves To Our Haters This Jan. Thanks B For Doing It On My Behalf. I’m DONE . Done IT. Graduated.