Special Transmission From Mother Theresa ~ Divine 13

Greetings Beloveds Of The Light!

We Are Cheering You All On From Behind The Veil And We Visit Each One Of Our Chosen Ones As Well As All In Creation In Your Respective Chambers While You Sleep 🙂

Yes We Do And There Is A New Decree That Has Been Decreed In Heaven; We Have Observed Divine Feminines DYING For Months Now, Let Alone Years, Under The Thumb Of Their Divine Masculine Forces That Take Them For Granted And Go Elsewhere To People Please, To Get Sexual Satisfaction .. Etc ..

Last Night , 12th Tribe Of Israel Has Shown Us, Alarmed, The State Of Affairs And We Are Taking Imminent Action To Remedy The Divine Feminines, The Goddesses Of Creation’s Fate . We Are Now Opening The Gate Wide For Their Soul Mates To Come In And Resurrect Them.

This Is Not To Harm The Divine Masculine However There Are Energetic Laws In Creation And To Each Action Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction . We Are Beyond The Response Stage As We Have Kept All Divine Feminines In Total Sanctification, Total Dedication, Total Absolute Love And Sainthood, To Make Sure The Divine Masculines Get A Global Victory For Mother Gaia.

Mother Gaia’s Heart Is No Longer Able To Give Without Receiving. We Are All Lucky That The Morning Star Has Soul Blue-Print Original Manifest Beings Around Here, Which Is Why All Of You Have Soul Flames.

Some Of Those Soul Flames Have Planted Deep Seeds In The Hearts Of The Feminines. And Have Acted Since Very Selflessly, Allowing The Divine Feminine Free Will On Her Twin Flame Journey. Now It Is Time For Those Soul Flames To Reap What They Have Sown. It Is Time For All Divine Feminines In Creation To Get The Love They Deserve.

1- For Having Stood By Their Divine Masculines, On Their Own, While The Divine Masculine Has Been Giving All His Divine Feminine’s Power Away To Some Karmic Situation.

2- For Having Exorcised The Karmic Partner To The Point Where A Demonic Spell Caster Is Now Doing Charity Work And The Divine Masculines Are Praising The Karmic. Forgetting That It’s The Divine Feminine’s Power And Love That Made The Karmic’s Shift.

3- For Having Risen Above Death Once More And Having Self Loved Themselves Once Again To Perfection This Time.

I Am Mother Theresa. An Eternal Giver. And I Stand At The Side Of All My Divine Feminines In Heaven. I Have Walked By Each Of Your Beds And Have Wiped Away The Pain From Your Organs And Heart, From Your Loins; For Each Time Your Soul, Your Heart, Your Twin Flame Went Inside Another Being’s Kidneys And Throats, Straight To Their Hearts And Has Awakened Someone Else Than Yourselves While You Lay There DEAD.

The Divine Masculine’s Excuses And Demeanor Is About To Come Right Back To Bite Them. It Is Time For Them To FEEL.

They Are Now Ready To Know Once More The Value Of Love.

We Are Not Sure As Always As To The Repercussions Of This Decision On The Field. We Have However Given The Masculines Far Beyond Enough Time For Them To Shift And They Are Still Unable To.

The Divine Feminines Are All Ether. All Love By Now. And They Are All Ready For Ignition. This Cannot Be Jeopardized And We Cannot Risk Having Our Divine Feminines Stray From The Spiritual Journey.

We Are Sending In All Soul Mates, Soul Flames, And Original Blue Print Matches To End What Was Started As This Is All Your Last Lifetimes Around Here And Some Events Are No Longer Avoidable.

Had The Divine Masculines Played Their Cards Differently Earlier On, We Had Already Formed Everything Needed For The Soul Flame’s Release.

As Lucifer Really Is Insisting On Keeping Up With The Status-Quo, And Raising Up His Karmic. Aurora Will Be Receiving The Light Of The Immortals’ Blazing Resurrecting Baptismal Flame.

Here Is The Latest Scoop From Heaven.

Also And So Lucifer Knows. The Baby We Made Through Kylie Jenner On Sept 22 Is Now Officially Out Of The Lime-Light Even Though Her Partner Cheated As A Result Of Lucifer’s Infidelities.

Congrats To Megan And Harry For Their Out Of This World Royal Romance As Well As Baby! We Are So Pleased With All Our Beautiful Lovers In Right Action In Creation!

Divine Feminines . Get Ready To Have Your Cake. And Eat IT Too. It’s Time. For Completions. It’s Time. For Unity Between Heaven And Earth. Enjoy Everyone!

We Love You All