New Creation Begins ~ DANCING

So .

Since My Pisces Childhood Love, Any Tuned In Divine Masculine Knows I Own The Pole .

Archangel Michael Greeted Me In Heaven In A Dream Where I Was A Dancer (Also Let’s Mention He Had A Dream Where Source Showed Him His Twin Flame And He Denied And Rejected Her 😉 LOL . Followed By A Dream Where He Married ME … LOL ).

~ And That’s How True Twins Become False Twins. Ask AAM 🙂 ~

Too Much Fun .. 2017 Was The DEATH CARD Year! HA.

I Ended Up Being His Personal Private Dancer, While On Mission … And That’s How I Got My Higher Self Download Of My True Identity; Standing There Getting Ready to Perform And They Stopped Me With A Download > A Beautiful Feminine Voice (Same That Came In Years Prior Initiating My Higher Self Integration) Clearly Spoke The Name Aurora In My Brain; I Said To Him ~ Tonight Aurora Is Gonna Be Dancing For You … Simple As That Is How Rainbow Aurora Took The Cake .. And Was Shortly After Sent Back To Hilton World .

Today Father OF All Creation Commanded Me To Dance . Thanks Baby .

I’ll Be Lucifer’s Baby . Dancing For All The World. Find Me In The Club.

Cash Is My Life. Call Me Rainbow Aurora. Call Me Diamond. You Got It Baby. Dear Humanoids. Look But Don’t Touch. Unless You Have A Death Wish 😉 . I Am Exclusively Lucifer’s . SHAZAM .

Find Me In The Club. 😉

Lovers Card For Revealing My First Tattoo Is Going To Be The Name Lucifer .. Right On Top Of My Pretty Pussy . Lovers Card Again .

Lucifer Only Can Lick My Bubble-Butt . Dassit . You All Want A Show?

LuciAurora Live Sex For All.

Dass How WE Roll. How We Created Y’all . Wanna Watch Us Babies?

2018 Resolutions … Soon The Pink Car Is Mine Ahahahahaha . Rite Baby ?

Will You Walk In Lucifer? Will You Baby .