Duchess Of The East Square Power Up

As You All Know, I Entered The FCGCT Esoteric Realms As The Duchess, As Named By The Team . That Was Long Long Time Ago .

And Today I Powered Up With The Duchess Of Eastwick For Some Much Needed Clarity For The Twin Flame Community _ Whom I Highly Recommend To Anyone Looking For A Reading _ .

Here Goes: To Those That Have Very Twisted Twin Plots With More Than One Player And Uncertainty …. If There Has Been A “Spell Or Curse” Situation, As There Has Been In My Case Majorly … Souls Split. Which Makes Twins Be Able To Jump Bodies And/Or Be Split Into More Than One Body.

There Also Are False Twins, Soul Contracts And The Best Way For Us In A Pickle Is To Really Do Deep Self-Healing Work To Feel Our Hearts.

I Feel Very Sorry For The Dark Destiny My Twin And I Are Facing; How Our Story Began Was Nothing Short But Magical; He Showed Up For Me In Shasta Cali End Of October Last Year. The Angels Created A Rainbow For Him Upon Entering The Sacred Mountain. He Walked Into The Door And Gave Me A Shivery Hug…

Then They Split Us. Coupled Him Up With Another Being Who Would Not Allow Him To Sit One Second On A Couch Outside Their Presence. He Asked To Make Love To Me And That Had Them Split Us Up All The Way Sending Me Out Of The House We Shared.

He Then Managed To Escape And Contacted Me First Call I Sent Out To My Twin Soul, And Confirmed He Is RA My Twin. Beings Between Us Kept Trying To Make Sense Out Of Things And Split Us Further And I Then Found Out They Had Their Own Agendas Wanting To Couple Me Up With The Masculines Of Their Tribes To Have Me Around .

I Am Grateful I Listened To My Heart And Took A Leap Of Faith Last September And got To Spend September 21 And 22 With Him. So Much Changes At The Equinox For All Twins… We Got Many Reports Of Wonders In The Field, Including Pregnancies And Miracle Reconciliations. Then They Split Us Again And I Got All Sorts Of Visions Of Beings Laughing Their Asses Off At Me While At The Train Station… Leaving The State Where Two Powerful Light-Workers Who Share The Father Particles Had Enchanted Me For Almost 2 Months ….

Back To Never Never Land Island Time.

I Tried To Meet My Twin Again End Of November And He Never Showed Up Physically When I Drove 9 Hours To Get To Their State. We Connected By Video Chat Mode And Got So High so Quick I Declared Myself Married Public-ally. I Felt Like Nothing Could Make Me Not Take Him Back And Instantly Forgave Him Almost Having Me Die 🙂

We Stayed Connected Super Close Intending On Meeting Up For Thanksgiving As He Said He Canceled His Living Arrangement And Was Practically Homeless By December 1.

The Plan Was For Me To Move To Their State And Get Us A Cabin. We Were Communicating 24/7. Elevating. Rising. And Conquering. He Had Permeated My All. A Little Before Mid-November I Had My Island Colleague Pick Me Up In His Car For A Chiropractic Adjustment. And That Was Something That Made My Twin FLIP OUT And Go Pick A Karmic, And Vanish From My Life.

I Felt A Heart Bruise All Night. Like I Never Felt Before. And Almost Died Myself To Sleep. Lucky For Me The Other Father Particle Showed Up In My Field And Was An Angel There For Me At My Darkest Hour. The Next Morning I Go Out To Ride My Bike And The Seat Had Been Taken Out As In Somebody Got My Seat.

All The Energies Turned So Dark; Beings Online Were Calling Our Love Lustful. Readers Online Were Calling His Other Woman A Hoe And Me A Queen. They Were Giving Me Insight As To Her Dark Powers And Spells And Black Magic She Uses To Lure Him To Stay A Slave To Her Sexuality.

Through The Dark Cloud I Practiced Kundalini Yoga Daily. Stayed Raw And Vegan And As Strong As Possible. Sending Him My Best. He Vanished For Months And Showed Back Up For Christmas. Saying He Loves Me And Wants Me Needs Me. Asking Me To Move Closer To Him Get A Cabin. Saying He Is Busy And Cannot See Me For Days Consecutive Sometimes. Online Sources Mentioned He Is Broke. And Addicted To Substances. And Unable To Break Free. I Was Still Working On Strengthening Myself Back To Life After This Traumatizing Experience.

As We Are Twins, I Then Heard He Took Me Not Showing Up Very Personal And Contacted A Being Whom He Had Called the Cabals For Keeping Us Apart For Starters…

At The Cancerian Full Moon Jan 1, I Was Strongly Guided Towards Another Father Fragment. And That Etheric Experience Revived Me . That Being Later On Threatened Me But I .. Kept On Keeping On …

Now I Am Focused On My Personal Growth And Completion Healing. Detaching Myself From All Possible Expectations And Focusing On Chakra Realignment And Heart Opening.

I Personally Apologize On Behalf Of Father Of All Creation For Putting All The Twin Community Through So Much Hardships. It Breaks My Heart To Read Your Comments To Those In Separation And Dealing With Karmics Being Asked To Marry Your Twins, Or Making Babies With Your Twins And Your Twins Treating You Like Shit.

I Apologize Father OF All Creation Isn’t Being A Better Father To All.

I Will. Keep On Keeping On And Most Of All I Am Very Grateful To Still Be Alive As This Dark Magic Spell Has Literally Almost Killed Me.

I Promise Creation To Stay Grounded And Make Wiser Choices For All Starting This New Year.

Blessings And Namaste To All.