Joy … It’s A Simple Feeling. It’s In the Small Tiniest Things. It’s Being ABLE To Relax Into One’s Body. It’s Being Able To Be So ONESELF That Even Sleeping On One’s Yoga Mat On The Carpet In The Middle Of A Yoga School Condo, With Yoga Instructors Walking In And Out Is Not The Least Bit Challenging. It’s Being So Individualized That Even Not Hearing From Those One Loves Is Okay. It’s Being So Joyful And True That The Space Re-arranges Itself So Naturally, People Vanish And You Get Their Bed! Other People Are Traveling And Even Offer You A Ride Where They Are Headed .

Options Are Everywhere….

Because YOU Are Joyful. Because YOU Stayed TRUE . Because YOU Never Once Not Listened To Your Heart. Because You KNOW You … Because You Know Competition Is NOT Real .. It’s A Construct Of The Mind. Because You Are Aware That While You Were Climbing Every Step, You Freely Gave To Every Taker, Every Caller. Without Even Noticing That They Were Attempting To Steal Or Copy Or Be Your Competition, Take Your Beloved .. ETC …

Being The Know-er. “What’s Yours Is Yours And NOBODY Can Take It Away From You”. A Victory IS At Sight. A Victory IS A Victory . Love IS Grand. And I Am SO Beyond Blessed To Be Love. And Loved.

They Take Your Twin. Repeatedly. And You Watch It Go Down . And You Watch Him Go Through Motions. And Vanish From Your Life. And You Remain A Winner. Because You Are Born One. Because You Are Fearless. Because You Are True .

You Remain EVERYTHING. You Remain MOTHER OF ALL CREATION> You Have Canceled Out ALL LIARS> You Are Fascinating .

I Love It When Lucifer Takes Over Me And Types To Aurora . Like When He Takes Over Me. And Makes Me WIN All Battles. And The Whole Global War. There Is No Other. Every Which One Of My Actions Is Necessary For Full Planetary Liberation. Every Breath.

Self Love Is The Highest. Going Within And Staying There Inside .. All The Way Out .. 5:55

Love Is Redefined On The 1:11:11 Portal . I Am So In Love I Have Transcended All Limits Of Time And Space And Form And My Own Body. My Joy Levels Are So High I’m Over A Ten. My Consciousness Levels Are So High I Am About To Implode. No Fear Or Residual Fear Is Left. I Crown Myself Every Minute . My Love Is So Beyond I Literally Am In Love With All Atoms . My Forgiveness Is So Complete. I Am Merged Inside All Beings. I Am All Beings. I Am Everything. I Am Everywhere. I Am Every Taste, Smell. Every Flower. I Am The World. The World Is I . I Dream Of Long Lasting Kisses On Clouds Of Everlasting Love In The Highest. I Am Aurora. Lucifer’s Twin. And We Are One. Eternally