Attention Attention To All New Creation Stewards.

We Were Just Contacted By Advanced Populations To Receive Sessions For The People.

The Feedback We Got Is Still: “We Don’t Know If We Can Trust You But It’s Interesting”.

So Moving Forward, We Now Know We Have A Little To Go Before Mission Uniting Heaven On Earth Is Complete.

I Call Upon Uriel’s Prompt Assistance As The Populations Are Pounding At Heaven’s Door.

My Mission In My Number One. Thanking Uriel For Showing Up And Stepping Up. Or Any Archangel Really That Is Not Playing: “I Will Call The Cops On You” , “I Recommend You Call Mother” (I Am Mother .. No Comprende) Or I Will VANISH RIGHT NOW Or Even I Will Go Hit On Someone Else.

Any Mature Being On Mission Is Welcome To Step Up. Thanks In Advance.

Thanking RAinbow Aurora In The Highest For Full Body Healing=Planetary Liberation.

Hail Those Castor Oil Packs .. So Powerful.. ! Ooof

Arctus Holy Spirit Just Whispered I Am Getting Full On Victory Of The Light With Or Without Assistance. Today It Was Also Told To Me That All The Activities Of Blocking Me And All The Freedom Beings Have Taken On Pulling String Of My Life Behind The Scenes Is All Something I Should Simply Embrace And Be Grateful For.

Victory Is Mine All Mine .