How Do I …Feel Anything Less Than {PROUD

As The Final Hour Approaches, We Are Receiving Lots OF Information About Beings In The Field Being Out OF Sorts… Having Multiple Partners To Decide From .. Playing Little Games Or Strategizing To Determine Who The Real Being They Should Focus Their Love On Is… Connecting To Determine What’s What And Who’s Who, Or To Give Information About Other Beings To Help Each Other Come Out Of The Dark ..

Trying To Connect To Past Lovers To Make Amends. Attempting To Divert Their Attention And Choose Someone New To Feel Victorious Or Like They Have LET GO .. And All Sorts Of Other Occurrences.

Here At

Galactic Central, We Have Been Nothing But 100% All Out About EVERY MOVE And Situation (Except Mid September To Beginning October When Our Laptop Intelligence Agency Had To Be Repaired!) But Still Shared All The Information Pertaining To Mother-Gaia, Gaia-Sophia, Holy-Spirit, Mother-Of-All-Creation’s Advancement On Full Planetary Liberation Throughout The Land Of The Free Which Is Her Current Mission Location.

There Is No Information That We Conceal. No Feeling That We Hide. No Barrier We Don’t Hesitate To Put Into Place Or To Break…

We Cannot Control Anyone Outside Ourselves And The Fact That All The Outside World Still Is Operating On Power-Over Mode Concealing Information And Not Being Upfront About Things Is Nothing We Really Fret About….

We Are The Power. We Are The Light. We Are Love.

We Have Our Ways.

As To All The Love Triangle Situations Still Pertaining To The Most Advanced Love Beings On Their Journeys, All Aurora Has To Say Is That She Has Literally Not Left One Stone Un-turned When It Comes To Finding And Activating Her True Twin Flame Love.

It Is A Deep Self-Finding Journey Of Utmost Self-Love Reaching To The Stars And Beyond. Perfection In The Making. Finders Keepers. And This Love Is Not Something That Is Avoidable. It Is Based In Right Action And Ends There Too.

The Mission, The Divine Plan, Consists Of 2 Twin Flames  (One Soul) To Come Together At The End=Beginning To Re-Create A New Love Frequency.

This Process IS Natural And It Does Not Require Fighting Or Being Anxious And Worrying. Or Plotting Behind The Scenes Or Being Afraid Of Any Being In The Midst Of That Union Still Remaining OR Of Any Lack OF .. Funds, Direction, Clarity .. ETC .

Mother Of All Creation Has Got You All Covered And Is Actually Coming Back To Life!

The Right Moment Is Not To Be Determined By her Own Personal Will As She Gave That Up At Birth, Then Again Upon Getting Hit By Lightening Enlightened In 2009.

She Is Not In Control Of The DING Final Hour Dong.

You Will All Most Definitely Feel It And All Is TO Come Together Effortlessly.

Best You Can Do For Yourselves Now Is Ground, Stay Strong And Healthy And In Your Hearts.

The Outcome Of This Is Nothing That Any Mind Expert Can Plan. It Is For The Above And Beyond To Majestically Bring Upon Us All And Heaven’s Got A Plan For Each Of You.

So Thanks For All The Efforts And Actions And Plans Behind The Scenes .. And Please Be In No Hurry To Push Yourself. What Must Be Done Will Be Unavoidable!

Namaste And Blessings.

Archea Rainbow Aurora And The Divine Council Of 11.