On Beyond Twin Flame Love.

It’s A Monumental Shift .

No Going Back After The Twin Love Shows. The Inner Shift Is Unidirectional.

Prior To Now, I Had Zero Understanding Of The Beings That Do Not Choose Their Twin Flame Love Over Other Loves.

Now I Can Totally Relate With All In Creation.


Today I Had A Healing Session With A Healer Also On A Twin Journey. The Man Expressed To Me That He Saw I Was “Possessed” By My Twin. How My Twin Is Inside Me. And How It’s The Same For Him, As He Is The Lightest Of Light And Their Twin Is In A Very Dark Place; Broke, Dealing Drugs And Being Promiscuous.

I Allowed Myself To Pierce Through Both; Myself And The Healer And Heal Us Both Into Allowing Both Of Us To Be “De-Possessed” By Our Twin Counter-Parts.

This Is The Only Way For Us To Allow Our Twins To Choose The Light Instead Of Living Vicariously Through Us And Stay In The Dark And In Wrong Action.


So I Now Am Officially Free. Officially Single. Officially Me.

I Would Never In My Life Hurt Any Living Being. Let Alone My Twin Flame.

However In December I Made The Grade And Broke Cycles With My Twin: Prior To That, He Would Show Up In My Life And Type Two Words And I’d Leave My Whole World, Life, Relationships Behind For A Touch From Them. Even If That Meant Not Honoring Myself In The Highest. Even If That Meant Me Turning A Blind Eye to Them Concealing Information From Me, Manipulating Me, Keeping Me As An Option, Being Emotionally Unavailable.

In December They Came In And Did It Again. And I Chose To Stay Sleeping On My Yoga Mat On The Floor Of My Yoga Teacher Colleagues And Family!

So I Have Graduated And In Doing So, I Am Assisting Them Be A Better Person.


I Am Forever Grateful To Have Met My Twin Flame. And To Have Shifted 180. It’s The Greatest Gift In Creation. I Let Go Let God. Offer His Soul Up To God. Offer Myself To God’s Will Every Moment. Surrender This Union To God. Surrender My Totality To God.


Praying For A Miracle With My Court Case Resolution. Sudden Abundance Energy. Rising On Top Of My Own Mountain Peak. No Longer Begging, Imploring Energies. No More Putting Myself Anywhere Else But In First Place. End Of Stalemates. Meting The Ice.

I Walk Away From All The Old Manipulators That Came In, Made Promises, Never Showed Up And Then Threatened. Or Came In, Made Promises, Vanished, Had Me Show Up, Then Threatened . I Know Better At 17.


So To All Divine Fems First Wavers Who Have Not Yet Come Into Union And Going Through Hell And Beyond With The Twin Soul. First: Look Within.

Second. Choose You And Detach Completely From Them. Reclaim Your Fullness And Wholeness.


Finally , And Here’s Sharing How I Do: I Reconstitute My Own Masculine. I Make Me Into A Matching Perfect Masculine. And Look At My Feminine Through My Masculine’s Eyes. And Plan Every Detail Of How I Would Complete Me.


No Need For Anyone Outside Oneself.

Hope This Helps.


Happy Rest Of January To All. Wow . 2017 Is So Out!

In With The New.

It’s Time For Beyond The Twin Flame Connection: I Am My Own Twin. I Have Graduated. I Have Made The Grade !