Message Of Peace.

Dear Powers That Aren’t .

I Am Very Sorry They Took Your Lives Away From You. That They Programmed You Following The Initial Blue-Print Created By My Family.

I Am Sorry They Made You Believe You Are Here To Create Crystal Schools And Light Cities And To Liberate Humanity When In Fact You Are Government Agencies That Have Your Network Of Spies.

I Am Sorry You Stole My Twin Flame Away From Me More Than Once And Still Are Attempting To Divert Him Away From My Light.

I Am Sorry You Still Control The People On The Ground With Your Power.

I Am Sorry You Are Now Wanting To Use Dark Forces Against Me To Shun Me More.

I Am Sorry You Are Seeking Revenge From Me And My People, As Well As My Twin.

I Am Sorry You Feel Depressed And Devalued For Having To Embrace Your True Identity Instead Of Flying High Till Forever On Everything You Stole From Me That The Powers Who Aren’t Made You Believe Is Yours.

It’s Not Yours. I Reclaim It All Back.


To The People On Earth.

Thanks To Each Of You For Fighting For Me To Not Fall Back Into Oblivion And The Trap Of The Illusion That Is False And Seems Easier Than Standing On My Own Two Feet And Claiming My Power.

Thanks For All The Kind Hearted Light-Workers For Loving, Respecting And Honoring Me Enough To Remind Me To Not Fall Again.

Thanks For All My Soul Flames That Paved The Way Before Me And Stood Firm Against Me Giving My Power Away Once More To Those That Don’t Even Realize For Themselves They Are In Fact Out Of Right Action And Misleading Masses.

I Apologize To All Beings That I Have Been Raising/Rising For Eons Now Through Jamming Their Inboxes. It Had To Be Done.


My Lawyer Over-Seas Today Was Contacted For Court Case Finalization And Resolution As All The Information Is Posted Daily And We Cannot Believe I Am The Elephant In The Room Forever.


I Am Grateful For Finding Out Soon All The Secrets That Have Kept My Soul Flames And Twin Flame Away From My Light And From Communicating With Me Including The Mean Ways I Have Been Approached.


I Am Looking Forward For The Re*Union Of All Hearts Risen In Truth And The Cessation Of All Manipulations And Lies.


I Am Grateful For Right Action All Around Me And Quick Fast Immediate Guidance And Direction Coming My Way.


I Love You.