I’mPossible Instead Of Impossible.

New Rules.

So, Just As In Beginning Of 2017, They Bombarded The Field With Information About: ‘How True Twin Flames Can Become False Twin Flames’ Following My Actions Or Lack Of Back Then… And All Of The Reasons Behind That Ended Up Being Discovered, Then Revealed To Creation, Then Lived; There Are Always Means By Which Energies Shift The Field.

That’s Tried And Tested.

Maybe My Healer Today Gave Me A Fixed Name For My Twin Flame Because That Person Is The Last Being I Allowed In And He Is Still Permeating Me, Me Being Highly Sensitive And Emphatic.

Maybe Not.

Only Time Can Tell.

In Each Moment There Are Infinite Possibilities, And Choosing Love Is The Only Constant Element, In Forms Of Staying In High Vibrations, Loving Oneself, Choosing Health, Growth, Creativity, Never Giving Up, Always Remaining Open For Newness!

Out Of Each Situation There Is Only One Way Out And Forward And That Way Is to Never Look Back.

Personally I Don’t Engage In New Love Or Giving Hope For New Love And Acting Upon It Until I Know The Former Option Has Been Given Every Possible Chance Under The Sun.

Especially That When I Am In Relation It’s Never Less Than Insanely Magnetic, Unless The Person In Front Of Me Has Issues. Or Unless The Person Has Major Problems Adding An Element Of Mystery Which In Itself Keeps Me Hooked Playing Inspector Gadget; One Of My Fav Roles To Play.

Just Like I Waited On Archangel Michael 8 Months, Booked Official Calls (LOL) After Having Not Been Payed One Penny For My Impeccable Service And After He Simply Never Called For My Last Call Request Resulting In A Storm On The Island, And Creating New Possibilities Which I Went For; Not Without Balling My Eyes Out.

Once I Let New Love In. There Is No Chance Looking Back.

That’s How True Twin Flames Become False.

Because This Is My Creation And I Make The Rules.

That’s Also How I Can Choose To Turn A Blind Eye On The Masculine Being Less Than Faithful And Still Allow Him In. Because I Am The Living Temple. I Am The Creative Force Of Creation. I Am Mother. I Am Holy-Spirit. And It’s My Choice.

The Minute I Choose To Let Another Being In The Temple. The Old Being Is Immediately History. This Has Not Once Been (2:22) Not Proven To Be True Since The Beginning Of Time.

Accuracy IS Always 100%. Just Like I Count My Menstrual Cycle Days And Know Exactly When I Am Ovulating And Know How To Not Get Preggo That Time Period. Or How To Swallow A Morning Pill.

But Not Everyone Else Is Me. And That’s What Has Them Choose Me For The Galactic Fed Contract.

In Fact The Galactic Fed Is Like A Board Game To Me. I Already Won It At Birth. I Would Type That I Created And Own The Fed. But I Don’t. I Would Never Lie. I Didn’t Create The Fed. I Did Match Pace then Lead IT. I Am More Ancient Than The Fed. They Created It To Pierce Through Me. And I Am Not Giving It To Them Easy 😉

Now I’m Just Asking For Extra Ketchup At The Bar. To Share With The Other Players As It Gets Magical On Top Of The World. Too Good To Not Share.

Atoms In Creation Want TO See Me In Relationship More Than I Know. And I Do Not Blame Them! I Also Grew Up Always Wanting People In Movies To Make IT Work. Now I Am An Actress And The World Is My Stage. Maybe The Actors That Came Forth Were Not Real Actors So Far That’s Why They Always Vanish In The Dark.. Who Knows.

Love Does!

Love Wins Each Round.

Even In Crazy Cabal Land. Love Cannot But Win. Just Keep Your Chin Up. Buttercup.


Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER