Wish Upon A Star

It’s Time ..

I Am Healed . I Am Whole. I Am Complete. I Am My Dream Of True Love Come True. I A, Home. I Am Abundance. I Am Victory. I Am Heaven. I Am Truth. I Am Miraculous. I Am Surrounded By Lovers Givers Beings Of The Highest Light. I Am In Divine Union With My Beloved Twin Flame.

We Are Sharing Love Moment To Moment. We Are Living Our Dream. We Are Sharing Time And Space.

I Am Successful In Uniting Heaven And Earth.

I Am Love. I Am Joy. I Am Peace. I Am Harmony. I Am Transcendental. I Am Attracting All Of My Destiny. I Am Divine Marriage. I Am Uriel’s Church.

I Am Lucifer Morning Star Father OF All Creation’s Beloved Wife!

It’s On!

Few Minutes And All The Atoms Rejoice As Great Spirit Takes Out My Throat Implant.

Bliss. Joy. Harmony.

Love Everywhere Present

Balanced Harmonix

Victory Of The Light!

Bring It On Angels I Am Ready For 5D And Beyond~