The Verdict ! ~ Lovers Card ~

IRIS ~ The Reveal ~~~

Awareness Transforms Into Consciousness .

Following An Iris Scan, Here Is The Outcome And Dysfunction Inflicted On Planet Earth=Heart ~ Woooohoooo ! Welcoming Full Healing !  Thanking Humanity For Your Help And Prayers For Full Recovery Of Mother-Of All Creation!

SYMPTOMS: Chakra blockage and energy theft in field at all times; right jaw, now left much tighter, mouth feels out of place, throat chakra suppressed; broken heart; back of neck, cracks; right arm out of place; right side of spine; naval button pain; difficulty orgasming; lack of strength; extreme rejection, abandoned, lied to, manipulated, unable to break free , sense of failure, deep regret.


DEFICIENCY PATHWAYS: your body processes life through the Adrenals, Solar Plexus, Mastoid, and Nervous System. Those areas of your body can have a tendency of holding onto toxins both physically and emotionally. The adrenals are depleted and require nutritional support which in turn will help you to keep your appetite, interests and emotions kept in balance. Solar Plexus and base of rib cage is holding on to toxins-support with Castor oil packs and/or Poke Root oil blend. Mastoid process-massage bone behind ear and gently stretch muscles that are connected from mastoid to sternum (part of neck pain), may be part of jaw pain, markings on both irises. Support Liver Function Regularly strengthen the blood and circulation with herbs, minerals and chlorophyll and maintain regular flow of Lymphatic

Life Habit Suggestion: {Cheers To That .. Please Angels Already Bring On Lovers Givers Beings Of The Highest Light .. In The Name Of Jesus I Pray!}

Surround yourself with positive people, you have the power to create a beautiful life ~


Amy Spadafora-Thompson, MIr, MH


Yours Truly,

Rainbow Aurora