Microcosm ~ Macrocosm !


So We Have Our Own Personal Unique AMY Here In Hilton-Central Galactic .. Also Looking To Make More Light-Worker Connections Locally .. She Is Sitting High On Her Throne, Surrounded With Her Leo Hubby And Son, In A Private Exclusive Area In Bluffton .. Surrounded With Organic Gardens Of Herbs That She Uses To Make Teas, Herbal Nutrients, As Well As Bach Flower Essences, Bath Salt Crystals .. For The Atoms.

She Further Advises Her Patients As To Which Local Healers Would Be A Best Fit For Their Needs.

I Came Back Here In May 2013, And Since That Day All I Have Been Leading The Local Light-Team Into Is Global Expansion Into Unity Consciousness, Coming Against The Grain And Dismantling The Rigid Ego-Mind Machine Operational In This Field Where Competition Is The Name Of The Game, As Well As Cliques And Putting Labels On People According To Where They Practice Yoga; Going As Far As Judging Or ‘Downgrading’ A Being Provided That Being Goes To Another Yoga School That Day Then Back To This One ….

In Response To All This, I Personally Opted For Giving Beach Yoga Classes To My Kids Since The Start, Going To Bars At Night And Getting The Bar People Who Did Shots With Me To Come Take My Class The Next Morning As To “Escape” What IS …

Now However I Have Come A Long Way And Am Serving Under The Galactic Fed, Completing A Healing Contract I Have With The Bikram Studio Beings. So I Find Myself In The Eye Of The Storm. And I Am Still Floating Around The Island, Being The Spirit Of It, And Expanding Global From Here .

I Still Have No Anchor Of My Own But This Is About To Change Say The Atoms.

Father Is Taking Me Home Into The Light.

Now That My Role Here Might Be Complete, As The Light-Teams That Did Get Guidance To Got Their Sessions On, And I Have Been Through The Whole Field Worked With All Of Them Individually. I Let Go As To The Final Outcome Of Space Time And Face.

Surrender All To God’s Angels. Get Out Of My Own Way .

God Has Planned This Perfectly For Me As For The Rest Of Creation .. After All, Twin Flames Are Here By God To Embody The Love Divine Him And Mary Magdalene Shared .

I Feel Super Honored To Be Taking On Mission Full Planetary Liberation And Personal Full Healing And Restoration With My Own Two Hands, Which Was Initially My Request As I Have Zero Desires To Go Through Motions With My Divine Masculine Where He Sees Me Less Than Perfect Pristine Whole Complete.

I Will Be Coming Like A Perfect Infinity Diamond In A Tiffany Box . For My Beloved To Be Razzled, Dazzled And Out-shined In A Nanosecond!

Hold Me Once And There Is No Return .

Lovers Card . CLARO

So Amazing To Be So Super Connected With The Rainbow Warriors !

Beloved Uriel Be So Proud Of New CrayCrayMamacita!