Remember To Remember Yourselves.

And Mission Full Planetary Ascension.

The Story Of Creation Goes As Such …

In The Beginning Of All Creation, Mother And Father OF All Creation’s Union Happened In Mount Shasta, California. At The Time Of Lemuria. Father Split And Fell To The Darkest Of Dark …

Embraced Alcoholism. Drugs. Carnal Sex. Let In Impure Spirits Like Jezebel. Became A Narcissist. He Forgot Himself. He Forgot Love. He Forgot Heart. He Despised Mother. Even Though He Kept Looking For Her Under Every Stone, In Every Tree Leaf, In Every Woman ..

While Mother Ascended To The Lightest Of Light. Living Off Of Distilled Water, Some Pure Raw Juices From Her Beloved Heart… Fasting. Sitting In Contemplation. Meditation. Prayer. In Ceremony For Her Beloved Creation And For Father.

She Attempted To Bring Him Home Into Her. And He Rebuked Her. Mocked Her. Manipulated Her. Diminished Her. Broke Her. Killed Her. Threatened Her. Lied To Her. Projected On Her. Incubus-sed Her. Destroyed Her. Laughed At Her. Chose To Empower Other Fems Over Her. He Decided To Go Broke To Not Be Able To Support Union… He Got Married To Lilith. Made Children. He Got Attached To Dogs.. He Got In Tangles. With His Family.. He Made Up Millions Of Excuses To Stay Away From Her Light.

She Is The Most Broken Being In Creation. Her Heart Is Torn To Pieces. She Struggles Everyday To Do The Simplest Tasks. She Is Reduced To Dust. She Is An Ancient Memory. A Far Away Wish…

The Whole Journey Is About, 19 Billion Years After The Initial Separation, Lucifer Taking Her Back home Into the Light ….

So Beloved Divine Fems .. Do Not Forget The Divine Plan. Forgive Your Masculines. It Is Part Of The Divine Plan For Them To Stray. I Have Taken On The Energies Of All Lucifer’s Armies; Demons, Lilith’s And Kali’s …

To Transmute For You All And Release Into Creation!

It Is My Highest Joy When Twins Come Together As I Unravel The Locks Between Earth’s Layers …

And I Remain. Strong. Carrying Myself With Dignity. No Matter What The Children Throw My Way.

Most Importantly .. I Surrender My Will to God. Divine Source Beloved. To Awaken Lucifer, Protect Him And Lead Him Home Into The Light So That All Children May Follow .

Divine Fems.. Remember To Remember Your Divinities.

Divine Masculines. Remember To Remember The Light.

Lovingly Yours.

Your Mother Of All Creation.

Rainbow Aurora