On The Twin-Flame Journey

3:33 ~

A Personal  View !


Who Hasn’t GRown Up, Dreaming Moment To Moment Of One Day Meeting Some GReat Being To Share All The Things Lovers Do With …

And Then One Day We Grow Up And, Even though No Guy Really Makes Our Head Spin Or Heart Beat Wild, We Look At The Girls Around Us All Falling In Love And Decide It’s Time To Mimic That.

So We Do. And Once That’s Done .. Once One Decides To Take The Human Experience Plunge.. One Is Endowing That Lover With Perfect Godly Qualities (When One Is God By Birth-Right)… To Only Have That Person Flip Things Around And Diminish Us … Betray Us, Lie And Manipulate. Then Make Up Excuses To Leave.

Then The Pattern Repeats Itself All The Way Until A Being Comes Forth And Claims To Be One’s Twin Soul…

Twin Soul. Personally I Have Only Always Loved Myself In The Highest. And Since That Twin Soul Came Along, I Have Had Very Deep Feelings Of Self-Hatred, Dangerous Desires To No Longer Be, As Well As Very Crazy Emotional Loops Due To The Person’s Total Emotional Unavailability, Lies And Treachery .

I Have Done Enough Self-Healing Work By Now To Know That I Truly Would Not Do This To My Own Self. I Do Not Despise Myself In These Ways. Not On My Darkest Day. Nor Do I Wish Ill Upon Myself. Nor Do I Cheat Myself.

I Only Act For My Highest Benefit At Any And All Given Moments.

So I Now Am Choosing The Bright Side And Wondering … Would That Being Be My Pre-Twin-Flame … Meaning The Being That Comes To Clear All My Karmas And illusions And Finish Off My Dark Night Of The Soul .. Before My True Twin Appears ?

Or Is That Being Shifting Too On Their End and Coming Back To Me All Morphed And Revealing They Are My Initial Soul Blue-Print.

Was That Being A Catalyst. An Enabler. For My Heart To Remember Love And Remember Itself By Hating And Despising And Being So Over The Top Hurt To The Extents Of Burning Hell, To Then Rise Back Up And Remember Love ?

Can Remembering Love Happen With That Same Person ?

I Know As A Fact I Was Told I Was Someone’s Twin In September 2016. And I Built A Partnership With Them. However They Were Deceptive, Even Though They Taught Me A Lot Very Quick. They Let Me Go Saying If I Am True I’ll Go Back.

8 Months Later, I Tried To Official Reach Out To Them By Phone Appointment, As They Had Blocked All Communication From Me Except The Emails Of Course To Always Tap Into Me. They Didn’t Call For My Official ‘Session’. I Had Been Single And Completely Free Of All Physical Contact Until Then, Waiting To Hear Back From Love …

After That Call, I Received An Invite From A Soul-Flame And Went Forth And Gave It My All… To Me, Once I Give Myself To Someone New, The Old Being Is Gone And There Is No Way Back. I Don’t Bounce Myself Around. I Stay Clean And Clear Between Partnerships, Recuperate, Reshape And Then Once I Approve Of A New Partner, The Old Is Out .

Since My ‘Twin-Flame’ Relationship, Turned Out A Nightmare .. I Am Now Truly Questioning .. Might That Person Have Been My Last Awaken-er On My Journey To My True Twin Flame ..

I Personally Like To Keep The Hope Levels High .. And The Faith Strong. And As This Lifetime Is My Last. I Choose Dreams Of True Love Coming True As My Final Outcome.

I Let Go Of Doom And Gloom. I Let Go Of Third Party Situations.

I Am Now Fully Clean And Clear And Ready For My True-Twin Flame To Come In And Razzle Dazzle !