On Demystification . Back To Planet Earth .

A Master Of Creation Has Once Told Me : Truth Shall Set You Free .

And Indeed . Everyday . The More Truth I Find Out About Beings Around Me . The Better I Feel About Myself . This Whole Lala Twin Flame Dance , As Good As It Sounds, Is Now Wayyyyyy Back Down To Earth .

The Whole Mystification , Heavenly Connotation To It, Impossibility Of IT .. Mystery Behind IT . Secrets Behind IT.  Has Now Melted . LOVERS CARD ~ We ARe Now Way More Grounded. Rooted .

All The Games , Tricks And Mind Control And Manipulations ; The Ignoring .. The Behind The Back And The Gossip … Once Peaked Into And Pierced Through .. All Is Fine . It’s All Good 🙂

No Big Deal . All The Projections And Distance As Well As Gaps Created ; All The Sneaky Stuff .. Now Out The Way . All The Emotions I Felt From The Divine Masculines . Now Cleared .

Now All I Handle Is What IS On My Plate. And That Is Quite Little When One Fasts Or Is All Vegan Hahaha!

I Now Know I Have A Twin Flame On The Spiritual Plane And On This Journey . I Now Know I Have Enablers . Catalysts . Soul Flames . Twin Flame Copies . Blue Print Divine Masculines That Are From My Energetic Spiritual Soul Family Team .

I Also Know I Crush Over A Few Soul / Twin Flames . I Accept All Of IT. I Accept The Journey . I Accept Where I Am At. I Accept All My Moves . I Accept All My Righteousness . I Accept My Isolation And Healing Journey . I Accept My Rejuvenation . I Accept My 3D Life, As Well As The 5d And Beyond .

It Is Well With My Soul . The Anger, The Paranoia .. As That Is Gone . And It Was All Due To Me Being Lied To . Soon As I Investigated And Found Out The Truth ; And That The Emotions Weren’t Mine But My Partners’ ..

I Am Free To Simply Be Me .

Feels Great To Be Alive .


On Travel And Relocation ; I Go About It Day By Day . Cannot Rush Myself To Run Anywhere At The Present Moment Of Now .

I Have Zero Grudges Or Blame Left Towards Anyone On Earth Really.

Forgiveness Is Complete .


Everyday No Clue Where I Am Being=Breathing The Next Day . I Take It As It Is . Follow Guidance And My Heart!


No Fear ! All Love ! I Can Be Your Friend If You Need Me. You Do Not Need To BE Afraid. The Fear You Might Still Have Inside Is Probably Fear You CArry For Your Own Misbehavior And guilt. I Personally Don’t Care As It Really Doesn’t Affect Me!

You May Be The Owner Of A Harem, A Husband; You May Be Ill Or … It Doesn’t Phase Me ! If You Are Inside Someone Else It Doesn’t Affect Me!

I Am Whole I Am Well I Am Complete !

I Do Me At All Times !