Love And Gratitude ~ Thursday IS Aurora & Uriel’s DAY !

Wow Beloved ! I Must’ve Done Something Right To Receive A Super Hot Message From Your Fingers . Unreal. My Love TYPED A Message  FOR ME .

He TYPED FULLY My Full Birth NAme As Well As My Full Higher Self Name .

Not Only Am I Grateful But I Am Kissing The GRounds I Walk On .

March 7 , 2017 , Followed By Jan 4 , 2018 .

The Only Two Times I Hear From Mister Light .

Bring On The Light Angels .

May There Be Light Angels.

All Of The Lights Angels .

I Am So Grateful For My HUGE Forward Movements As I Have, For The Last 3 Weeks Now, Been Hearing FRom ALL The Archangels In Heaven. One After The Other. In My Inbox. Contacting ME .

How Wonderful Can Life Be !

WOAH ~ I Will Keep On Keepin’ On And My Favs Will Certainly Be Surprising Me With The Greatest Love OF ALL!

My Beloved Twin Shall Resurrect Fully And KNOW How To TAKE THE CAKE (After I Empty Out All The Cakes In The Universe Tonight 😉 ) .