IT’s Time For Fun Soon ~ Promise !

As The Hours Pass .. This Gets Funnier 🙂 It’s So Funny . Can’t Wait To Know What Happens Next ! HA ! Now They Want To Move Me To A Room On The Island … HAHAHAHAHAA Sooo Funny … Or To The Same Ol’ Condo !

That’s What Happens When One Is A Wet Noodle. Macaroni My Mom Used To Call Me. Plus Now I’m All Lean And Thin And My Legs Look Taller.

Ahhhh . Divine Bliss .. The Kid Is Still Seeing The Karmic Gemini, And I’m Happy for Them! Good To Know ! The Adult Wants Me To Quit Being Psycho … HAHAHA Ok I Will Try . Whatever Makes You Happy . The Middle One Is On A Cat’s Got Tongue Syndrome . The Shasta Initiator Tells Me To Call Mother .


I Just Carry My Luggage Every Now And Then HAHAHA Sleep In A New Location .

WET NOODLE > Sorry But I Don’t Feel Any Pull. No Clue Wassup With Earth’s Magnetic Force Of Late.

Contact Me If You Know Bettah .

The Islanders Are Being Sweet And Compassionate. Doing The Best They Can To Make Me Feel Welcome And At Home And Like I Belong.

It’s All Good .

We Got A Massage Goin’ On Tomorrow .

Mission Self Love Still On . And On . And On.

Thanks AAM For Putting Me Onto This.  It’s My Fav Mission EVAH .

If I Do Know One Thing.. My Next Fling MUST be Profitable .. TOO Many Losses In 2017 . Stoopid . Least In 2016 I Made Money For Another Company Hahahahahahaahaha!

What A Life .

Maybe 2018 I Will Make Money For My Pocket.