Freedom of Speech ~ Freedom Of Action . LAND OF THE FREE

No .. Too Much Sweetheart .

First You Show Up On My Island With Your Car Brigades Unannounced . You Spy On My Every Move For A Year Now . You Mind Manipulate Me With Your Robotic Channel And Messages. You Take Part In Behind The Scenes Decisions And Actions On My Behalf Without Consulting Me .

You Don’t Even Come To Me In Person While Here .

Now You Threaten Me . Cold Heart-edly . No Love. I Never Went To Your State Uninvited . I Never Stalked You On Media . What Is Common Grounds Is Common Grounds . My Emails ? There Is A Block Incoming Emails Option.

You Want To Blow Things Out Of Proportions ?

What Is Bruising Your Ego That Bad This Time ?

YOU. You Are Your Only Cause And Consequence. You Are Your Only Answer. What Is It You Are Doing, Or Lack Of That Is Making You Feel This Way About ME ?

Your EGO Stinks Love. I Send You Healing Vibes . What Else .


Nuf About You .

Now When It Comes To Me . I Invite In Whoever Is True . Man Enough For Me . All The Fakers And False Mask Wearers . Anyone Not Showing Up Personally For Me . No Thanks . Stay Away And Play .

I Deserve The World Served On A Gold Platter. No Less For The Queen .

Blessing And Namaste .

May Truth Set Us All Free .

May There Be Light!