Angelix Singing Songs OF Highly Blessed Frequencies !

Love ~ Is In The Air !

Angelix In The Field Reminding Me Moment To Moment On How Blessed I Am To Have Multiple Options!

Here’s A Story For The AToms 🙂 Summer 2013, My First Summer On Hilton Heart, Had Me Meet Angels B&J . All We Did Daily Was Ride Our Bikes To Yoga, Get Organic Raw Pressed Juices, Go To The Ocean . Press Repeat !

One Day At The Beach, I Had Angel B Stand On My Upper Back While I Was Laying On The Sand Tummy Down. The Part Of My Back That Contains The Initial Map Of Creation Laid Right In There Connected To All The Right Side Morphix . That Day, A Contract Was Created By The Galactic Fed Assigning Both Angels To Be My Overseers Making Sure My Healing And Unraveling Is Complete.

This Is The Main Reason Why The Fed Keeps Boomeranging Me Back To Hilton Heart From Wherever . I Am Now Sharing Space With Both Angels As I Daily Get Guidance On what To Do That Day To Advance In RE*Membering The Inner Codes Needed For Mission Full Planetary Liberation!

Very Grateful Today For Yet Another Royal Treatment In Syrian Chambers By A High Priestess, Preceded By A Ginger Shot, Followed By A Wheat-grass Shot And A “Pick-Me-Up” Raw Organic Juice With Celery As It’s Base .. Apples, Cinnamon, Lemon .. Followed By A Hot Bath With Coconut Oil Epsom Crystals, Kombucha And Loud Subliminals :)!

Zero Hours Of Sleep All Last Night And Guidance Had Me Do Deep Self Work;

The MtF Conscious Shift Is At 88% . God Is Now My New Commander .

He Has Embraced Rainbow Aurora In The Highest And Helping Her Heal From Lucifer’s Abuse . We Have Placed New Angels Around Aurora’s Merkaba As Well As Upgraded All It’s Systems.

Aurora Is Now Fully Risen And Lit Up. Her Radiance From Within IS Outshining All The Projected Dark Layers Of Confusion, Treachery, Lies, Threats, Betrayal And The Like.

Her And Father Jesus Are In An Embrace And He Is Not Letting Go Of Her . He Sent Angels To Protect And Upgrade Uriel . Also, Is Removing The Jezebel / Narc Spirit From Lucifer’s Hologram.

Aurora Is Aware That She Is Not Able To Leave Hilton Heart Until Her Contract With Angels B&J Is Completed And Her Healing Done. Which Is Nearing Completion.

She Is Living Moment To Moment; Still Fasting Basically … The High Priestess Pronounced Number 13 ~ The Parking Lot Was All 777^Up … Carded 33.23 >

This Inner Construct The Angels Kept Saying As I Am Self Undoing Many Locks Within Is All Connected To Inner Earth, In Particular The Tectonic Plates. The Levels Of Pain For Heart To Awaken From The Downward Flip Are Above Human Tolerance Level. Hence The Usual Black-Outs For Years Now Every Time I Upgrade .

TGIF ~ Maybe Pretty Love Birds Out There Are Strolling Hand In Hand On Vacay Entering A Cozy Room Getting Ready For Some Fondue.. MMmmmh .. Hahaha ! Thanking Them For All The Love Energy Poured Into The Grids !

The Snow Is Still Enchanting Our Island .. And My Bike Is The Total Hero Of The Day! All Cars Are Slipping And I’m The Only One With A Big Smile Riding Wild ! HAHAHA