And Then My Crazy Twin Flame .. Reawakens Love

Isn’t He Adorable ???

Wish I Knew How To Get From Where I Am To Where I Need To Be . But I Got No Clue . So I Just Go Through The Motions . Wish I Could Feel . But I Just Carry Myself Like The Return Of The Living Dead .

Hahaha. I Been A Zombie Many Years Now . I Live Like A Total Machine. Everything Must Always Be Perfect . 7 Years Of Classical Ballet. Then 3 Of Jazz. 7 Of Piano. 2 Of FLute. Some Guitar In The Mix. Lots Of Studying OMG … I’d Always Pick The Most Difficult Topics . Then All The Books. Games. Creative Endeavors . And All The Imagination Wild Wild Stuff . All The Trouble … Jeez.

Now I Created A Life On An Island. And Lemme Tell U How Insane That Has Been. Then I Created A Mountain Top In A Location No One Heard Of. With Fictional People From Your Wildest Fantasy. And Now I Am Your Wilder-est Fantasy .

The Best Part Is That It’s All Real Though. We Ain’t Fantasy Whatsoever. We Walk Our Talk

I Love IT.

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