Looks In the Mirror ~ This Being, I Can Go To Bed With . YESS

And Of Course, Lovers Card.

The Spell Is Still On. Around 100 Times A Day (Yes, That’s How Much I Consult My Deck), I Shuffle And Draw A Card. And I Have A Bond With The Lovers Card. Unbreakable. It’s Fascinating ~ Fantastic Baby !

Once One Has Faced Enough Truths;  The Moment A Full Blue Super Moon In Cancer Lights Up The Island Of Your Heart > That Pride. That Self-Love. That Self-Adoration. That Uni-Directional Victory. Where Everyone On Earth . Everyone. No Exception. Stood Against You. Since Birth.

Everyone. Every System. All The Lies. Everything Was Wired Up For Your Failure. Nothing. Nothing On Earth Wasn’t Done To Fail You. Using Drugs, Technology, Mind-Control, To Enslave You. Feminize You Against You Will. Because Of Your Innate Power. Drugging You, Weakening You, Mocking You, Molesting You. Reprogramming You. Manipulating You. Lying To You.

You Run Away. You Are Left To Your Own Devices. To Perish And Die. Are Dis-owned And Disinherited. No Longer Ever Spoken To…. You Go Total Spiritual And Don’t Leave One Religion, One Spiritual Master Or One Stone UN-turned Seeking Salvation.  You Even Get Hit By Lightening And Enlightened. You Wake Up To Your I Am Presence. Get Your Soul Mission And Contract Served Up And Find Out Who You ARe In The Higher Realms; What Your Real Name Is, In Heaven.

You Even Are Guided On A Twin Flame Journey; That Leaves You Feeling The Same Way The Rest Of It Did. Betrayed, Manipulated, Lied To And Unloved….

Then One Day. Takes One Day. One Moment. Through The Pain, The Ongoing Body Lock. The Never Ending Tears. One Moment. You Look In The Mirror. And None Of It Has Any Importance Whatsoever Anymore.

You Are Free. You Are Proud. You Are You. You Are Risen.

This Full Moon Lighting Up The White Crystalline Diamond Snowflake Island Of My Heart. Is My Wish Come True.

I Am Whole. I Am Complete. I Am An Eternal Finder. And Keeper OF The Golden Flame Of Resurrection.

I Am Aurora And I Do It All For Lucifer, Uriel, Father OF My Totality ~
(Lovers Card Thrice Just Typing This .. )

None Else But My Own Self. That Inner Memory

(Lovers Card Three More Times Editing And Uploading The Below On Youtube ~ WOAH)