History Repeats Itself ~ LOVE FEARLESSLY <3

Ooohh Babay ~ Some Beings Are Showing Their True Faces ! Intimidation : Stealing Energy Through Using Threat, Is Means By Which Beings In The Field Power-Each Other Over !

Mother OF All Creation, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Sophia, Rainbow Aurora , Has Been, As Everyone Is Aware , On Mission Determining Who The True Lucifer Father Of All Creation IS .

The First Being That Declared Their Never Ending Love On March 7 2017, Day She Received Her Galactic Contract, Has Self Erased Himself From The Equation ! Quick Note : Nobody Can Bypass Their Mother OF Creation, Avoid Her Or Threaten Her! Turns Around On Them Each Time!

Here’s A Tale Some FCGCT Fam Members Might Recall From Back In The Day 😉

Member When I , Mother Of All Creation, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Sophia, Mother-Earth, Drove A Car (Which I Do Not Do EVER) All The Way From Mount Shasta California To Ft Lauderdale Florida ? Going After Father Of All Creation ?

Remember What Happened When I Arrived ? Father Called The Cops On ME ! LOL . Why ? Because HE Was Afraid Of My Love. Of Me Telling Him : “I Love You baby”. So Michael Said to Him He Wasn’t Lucifer. Or Father.

Then What Happened ? I Called Upon Lucifer . Lucifer. Wanting HIM Back .. Instead, Who Shows Up ? Lucifer2 Does ! WOAH . And We Go Back To Shasta. And Then What ? He Leaves Once To Come Back Again And Leave Once More ….

Then I Get Transfigured And They Send Me On Hilton Head . And Again. Lucifer2 Promises Me Love Eternal Ever After . My Own Higher Self Guidance In My Dream Right Following My Contract Signing Said : Father Is Taking You Home Into The Light! Wait And Wait .. And No Show …

Fantastic Baby !

So The Immediate Guidance Then after Is To Go Back To … Father . Lucifer1 . Now In Tennessee. And Show Him Heart. Teach Him Love…  That Mission Was Uber SuxxessFuLL ~ Woah ! Shortly After …. FAther3 Lucifer, (Whom I Had Personally Met 19 billion Years Later In Shasta Cali After The Original Atlantis Lemuria Rift, Calls Me With His Heart. Also In Tennessee . And I Go To Him. He Was Apparently In Deep Dark Shadows . Which My Light Undid. Once. Then I Drove Back To Tennessee And We Connect On Soul Level Since He Was And Still Is Trapped.

Now I Am … Trapped On Hilton Head ! Snow Flaxes Blocking The Bridge 🙂

Atlantis BAby ~ High Priestess Mode .. And …. To My Surprise …

I Get A Lovely Response …. Eons LAter From Father . Once More Reproducing The Fear Based Modality Of Threat Of Accusation To The Authorities, After I Have Been Loving On And Responding To His Promise Of My Dreams Of True Love Coming TRue!

WOAH ! Heart Wins All Loves ! No Such Thing As Separation ! This Is Fascinating. I Eat Your Egos For Breakfast LOL !

You Should See .. In Shasta I Make HArd Boiled Eggs At Midnight And …. The Water Boils off And They All POP . Like Cherry Sodas On Liquor Ice.

Liquor Like My Drowsy Lips . With The Memory Of … Love . That Love . That Ego-Mind Program Keeps Turning Around On Me. And Harassing Me With.

Then. Apparently This Father2 Is Meddling With One Of My Toughest Fem Cases …. One I Told Myself In Shasta Was Going To Take The Cake. And They Had Me Follow Through With Her For A YEar While On hilton Head ; Even Had Her On With Father1 And 3 . Now Father2 Meddles with And Shuns Me .

You Dear . You Miss Russia . Are In Deep Trouble. One For Ignoring Your True Twin. Two For Ignoring And Shunning And Disrespecting Your Mother Of Creation .

In All My Forms. In All Lifetimes.

May Justice Be SErved .

And Just Like I Firstly Healed Myself In shasta. Massaging My Divine Fem Body Out Of All The Abuse. Of Father 1 And 2. Then Father 3 Showed . With All His Sweetness. Then He Fell . In The Abyss. And Is Still Fallen. So Is The Rest Of Creation.

While I . Mother OF All Creation. Am TRapped On Hilton HEad . Now Being threatened Of Deportation .

Do It. Call The Authorities. My Heart Scares You. And A Gun. Doesn’t .

Go Play . with The FBI And The CIA . Don’t Point Fingers Outside Yourself.

FATHER . Love Is A Limitless Currency. You Work You YOURSELF. Find Balance. Wakey . Wakey.