Wish Upon A Star ~ Snow White

White. White Lines. White Snowflakes .

Legend Has It; When It Snows On Goddess Island Rainbow Aurora . It’s A Blank Slate Fresh Brand New Start.

The Beauty. The Magic. The Wonder. It’s Like Being A Child On Christmas Morning. Trusting That There Will Be Presents Under The Christmas Tree. Trusting That There Will Be Hot Food At The Table. Trusting That Love Will Win All.

Trusting That The People Around, Their Judgements And Ways. Don’t Matter. Trusting That God Has A Unique Divine Plan. Trusting That It’s All Going To Be Well. The New Story Is About To Unravel. This New Year, Beginning With An Ending. An Ending In Accepting Things That Haven’t Worked. An Ending In Fearful Ways. An Ending In All Illusion. Makes Place For A Blank New Slate. It’s Nice To Finally Be Strong Enough To Shut All The Demon’s Voices Inside And Out.

May Love Win. For All.

Flakes Flakes. Crisp Clear . Birds. Jumping Jumping. No More Sorrow Or Regret, All Melts Away . Wow . Can’t Wait To Ride That Bike Under The Snow.

Wonder If It’s Snowing On The Ocean. I’d Want to Go In. Freeze The Metabolism. To Make Sure My Inner Cold Heart Matches Itself On The Outside Leaving Space For So Much Warmth I’ve Been Skipping On.