New Story

Wow ~ Day 7 And Final Day Following The Spiritual Healing Surgery .

A Great Night Sleep In A Great Feeling Bed . Everything Superfluous Is Eradicated. Wisdom Has Been Attained. Growth Magnified. Looking Out For One’s Own Best Interest Is On The Frontal Schemes Of Creation.

Is It Snowing Today On Hilton Heart~ Mother Of Creation, Holy Spirit, Rainbow Aurora, Gaia-Sophia, Has Been Since Early December Singing While Riding Her Bike; “I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas ..” And The Islanders Look Her Way And Smile Say May It Come True 🙂

Snow Snow Snow . Freezing Cold Temperatures To Match The Inner Temperature Of Gaia-Aurora’s Heart. Match. Pace. And Lead.

The Bridge Connection To Main Land Is Closed Which Truly Puts Mother In An Island-Time Bubble . No Feeling Can Match This Vibe And No Matter Where She Goes, The Island Always And Loudly Calls Her Right Back.

It’s In The Soil. The Turtles, Alligators, Dolphins. It’s In The Air. She is The Enchantress Duchess Highest Priestess Of Atlantis. The Crystal Activator, Love Enabler. Joy Bringer. All The Atoms Know Her Name .

Her Heart-Break Is Her Freeing Agent. When One’s Heart Is Broken. It Is Open.

She Yet Again Woke Up With The Strong Presence Of A Being; Her Former Flame. Her Wish Was To Be With Him Over Christmas. He Was Stuck In Control Patterns, Financial Issues, Family Bonds, Karmic Situations As Well As In Hiding Deep Secrets And Only Communicating Very Shallowly Stating He Would Not Be Able To Be There For Her Regularly And Still Inviting Her To Move To His Area.

A While Back, With Her Shining Innocent Heart, She Would Not Have Hesitated As Her Driving Force Is Whatever Will Activate Mission Total Planetary Liberation.

This Time. She Physically Could Still Not Move From The Former Shock That This Same Flame Inflicted . She Attempted To Find A Place To Stay In Their Area. The Flame Wasn’t Communicating As She Was Looking And Also She Was Getting Signs Of Him Being Still Manipulated By A Karmic Bond. Her Forces Are A Little Diminished As All Her Power Is Focused On Healing At The Present Moment Of Now.

She Is On Distilled Water, Herbal Teas, Chlorophyll, Adrenal Support, Trace Minerals; And Avocado Even Though Total Fasting Is Where The Body Is Taking Her. She Is Unable To Eat Until Late Afternoon And Uses The Avocado To Contain The 7 Garlic Cloves For Her Pineal Cleanse.

It’s A New Year And The Snow White Energies Are Bringing Serenity, Purity And New Hope To The Field.

She Stays In A Space That Is Seemingly Polarized Somewhat But Doesn’t Pay Any Attention To Human Ego. She Is Focused On All The Blessings, Beginning With Emphasizing Her Heaven Decreed Mother Of New Creation Mission.

She Is Highly Aware That Divine Masculine Will Get A Jolt Of Awakening In Due Time And She Knows That Once Love Strikes It Is Uni-Directional And Inevitable.

She Feels Highly Favored And Blessed For All The Magical Wonderful Attention; For The Empowerment Being On Hilton Head Provides. For Her Connections In The Etheric. And For The Physical Signs And Miracles.

She Remains Composed And Calm. Knowing That Victory For The Light As Well As Total Healing Is An Inevitable Outcome. She Know That True Love Is Her Destiny.