Super Full Blue Moon WOW ~ 01:01:2018 >> 11:11 <3 V4Victory > We Love You Cancerians!

Anyone Else Having A Miracle Kinda Day??  …… WOW . Energies Are Going Static . As Rainbow Aurora Went Into Ceremony Under The Full Blue Moon > Freezing Temperature , Delicious Air Permeating Every Pixel; Following This Morning’s Myofascial Release, Followed By A 2 Hour Lava Hot Bath, Intertwined With Breakthrough Subliminals, Then Laying On The Yoga Mat In Savasana Earphones On All Afternoon With Additional Subliminals Going Into Astral-Journeys ;

A Ginormous Shift Occurred In The Field. Aurora’s Whole Feminine Side Suddenly Awoke. Like Out Of The Worst Nightmare. And She Remembered Father. And She Allowed Herself To Remember Love. It Feels Safe To Love.

Static. Energies Have Gone Static. Like There’s A New-Born Infant Sleeping In The Room.


Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Sophia, Rainbow-Aurora, Mother Of All Creation Then Performed An Absolution; Releasing All The Energies Which Have Kept Her As Well As All In Creation Locked Up. Stood In The Midst Of 3 Tree Trunks Concentric.

Holy-Trinity Tri-Force Active.

Pussy Power Back On ~ Our Local Minissette Puss-Cat Ran Meowing Loud Loud Watching Curiously Aurora Burn Baby Burn.

We Galactivated The BooBooKittyFuckGrids ~ Can You Feel IT ? All Diamond Ellipses Graciously Combining With The Energies Of The Stars As We Bring On The Light ~ The Light-Bringer Has Come At The 13th Hour > Mother Is Back To Life .

Rejoice As The Miracles You All Have Been Praying For Are At Your Door Steps .

Santa Is Riding Right Back With Rudolph And Very Many More Gifts Of Dreams Of True Love . It’s Time For Christmas Eternal As Lucifer Has Finally Lifted The Veil .

Many Happy Returns And Sweet Dreams Of True Love To All