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The Inner ‘Time-Bomb’ Is Really Wanting Full Release ~

Heart Is Slowly But Surely Coming Back Online ~

Full Body Presence Is More Here Than Ever ~

The Time Is Almost Now ~

Soon Zero Point.

Soon Certainty.

Soon Clarity.

Soon Disclosure.

It Happens In One Nanosecond.

Flip The Switch Is Within ~

Divine Fems Should Not Be Waiting For Anything Outside Themselves.

The Veil Is About To Lift .

Lots Of Advancement Made, Major Battles Won, Behind The Scenes On The Feminine Side.

I Personally Do Not Have A Team Of Tarot Beings Posting Messages On My Behalf Online ~ What I Hear The Divine Masculine Asking From Me Is Actually Absurd As He Has ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE What I Am Dealing With. Nuf Said .

Words About Words Don’t Mean Much . Until We Are On The Other Side.

3D Never Counts For NADA . It Does Not Track. It Only Is The Same As Your Dog Pooping On My White Rug . TIGHTEN YOUR SCREWS . QUIT TRYING .