Planet of the Slaves ~ Earth=?


[RECAP: Our hero’s spaceship has landed on an alien planet where he is stripped and captured by a beautiful and strong woman clad in very few clothes.]

She led me for a few hours till we reached a river. In fact, it was the presence of water on this planet which had prompted our mission. A little further on, we came across a cave. Little did I know that this was to become my home for the next year or two.

On reaching the cave, she tethered her animal to a tree and using the rope leading from my wrists, tied it to an adjoining tree. All this
while, I was trying to find a way out of my predicament. There wasn’t much I could do, naked and bound that I was. And clearly, this goddess-like alien was more powerful than me in terms of strength. I wondered if she was a freak or were all aliens so strong here. I prayed that it was a one-off case. The woman came to me in a while and placed a bowl of water and another bowl of some kind of porridge in front of me and taking off my gag, beckoned me to eat.

With my wrists tightly bound and no sign of a spoon, I guessed rightly that that I had to eat like an animal. However, I was so famished and thirsty that I immediately knelt down and started wolfing the food while my captor looked on, almost lovingly. After eating to my heart’s content, she gagged me again, after which I fell into a deep sleep. Maybe she mixed something in the food or maybe it was just exhaustion. But when I woke up, it was evening and she standing over me and observing me.

When she saw I was awake, she untied from the tree and led me to the river behind the cave. Here she tied the rope to a slim rock and grabbing me by the arm took me into the water. Here my beautiful captor proceeded to bathe me. While it was embarrassing enough to be bathed naked by a woman while you are helpless, my penis didn’t show any signs of embarrassment and at her touch sprang erect. She looked at me knowingly, even nodded. She then proceeded to put some ointment on me in the river and I saw all my body hair was immediately washed away. I felt even more naked and vulnerable. She then took me back and instead
of tying me to a tree, took me inside the cave.

It was a beautiful cave with various animal skins over the floor. She had even made some racks and utensils with wood and placed them in the cave. Here she tethered me to a wall and bought some kind of bright, thick red liquid and a brush. She sat down beside me and surprisingly began painting my nails. What was she doing I wondered and made some noises of protest from my gagged mouth, but she just shushed me and an hour later I had gleaming, bright red finger and toe nails. She then used some similar ointment to redden my lips.


The woman then bought out a some animal skins. One skin was wrapped around my lower body like a
skirt and another, similar to hers was placed around my chest, covering the nipples. I knew that between the two of us, I was definitely the weaker sex, but I didn’t know it would come to this. I was looking as feminine and pretty as any of the girls I had crushes on.

Before I continue, some facts about me. While any other male might have been horrified at my present state, I was quite excited. Back on Earth, I was a closet cross-dresser and this was just a heavenly experience for me. I had never felt so effeminate before.

Dear readers, pardon the abrupt interruption, but I am going to move to some months ahead now.

My past six months with Mistress Moonlight (yes that was her name) had its moments. From what little she had taught me of her language, the first thing I learnt was that I was her slave and had to address her as mistress. I was on the planet Whor, where women were the stronger sex and men were slaves. They were even kept and reared like wild animals or just hunted and captured in jungles by slave-traders. My effeminate attire was what all slaves here wore, as were the metal anklets on my feet. Even the red nail polish was a symbol of slavery.

My mistress gradually trained me to be her effeminate slave. I soon learned to cook and clean and take care of mistress’s needs. I had to kiss her feet in the morning and night and whenever she asked me to. I was whipped when she wanted to punish me. She would chain me or tie to a tree naked and use a leather whip on my butt till I was screaming for mercy or begin crying.


The best part about being her slave was that she made me feel like a woman. Vulnerable, weak and totally in her control. She introduced me to sex the Whor way a few days after my capture. This was how the ritual went: I was supposed to stand in front of her, undo my leather skirt and then kneel down at her feet with my hands crossed behind me. She would then take some rope and tie my wrists behind me. She even had a small chain which she used to link the metal anklets, which had been sealed on my ankles, providing barely five inches of play between the ankles. After this, she put a crudely fashioned dildo into my mouth, kept in place with leather straps. I now had to use my mouth to make love. Apparently, Mistress loved my technique a lot and this humiliating, and uncomfortable ritual was performed every night.


After her orgasm, she would ungag me and make me lick her clean of her juices. She would then leave me on the floor with my wrists tied behind and my ankles chained for the entire night.

And no, I was not allowed to touch myself or masturbate. This was only allowed when a Whor woman wanted a child from a slave. That was the only time we got any pleasure. Yes I had become her slave, or rather her slave girl.

Copyright Sheena Sands