Creation Is Still Attempting To Have Things Work The Old Way .

Ain’t Ganna Work … hihihih

Least We Got Confirmation From The AAM Wired And Activated Beings That Their Missions And Places On The Grids Are Changing In 2018 ! WHAT A RELIEF …

Also, Some Super Funny Channel Is Attempting To Make Things What They Aren’t.

Petty Stories And Strange Cakes Don’t Fly ~

Not In This Day N Age xoxoxo


Lovers Card Is Showing Up Time And Time Again .. Spoookay !  Also, Galactics Came In The Field Today And Are Confirming That Me Being An Unusual Being And Being SO Projected On And Misinterpreted Is The Whole Missing Key To All The Current Stagnation Witnessed …. The Recipe For NewCreation Godhead Is Still Waiting For Your Palates To Be Cleared Of All Your Acquired Tastes ;P

Sorry You All Missed In 2017.

Better Luck Next Year.