Oh Yeah ~ Nightcore

Final Nap 2017 ~ And As It Is Only Another Half Hour In Phoenix Till Midnight Champagne Count-Down Fire-Works … I Get A Dream Of My Former Husband Really Old And With A White Beard Talking To Me Like The Sweet Old Man He Is; While His ‘Kids’ = “Spiritual Children” Are Lingering In The Background Not Wanting Me To Further His Advancement For Full Emotional Release And Final Awakening, He Literally Morphs Into My Dad And It’s The Same Exact Scenario. Except My Dad’s Current Partner Who Is A Total Karmic was Sitting In The Room Next Door Also Diverting Me From My Dad (Also White Beard And Adorable Old); She Was Getting In The Way Of Allowing Him Full Sight And Full Liberation. I Walked Into The Room Where She Sits, And There Was A Medium Sized Curly Haired White Dog That Tried To Approach Me And Be All Doggy, So, As I Spoke To Her, I Held It’s Mouth Shut With One Hand Real Tightly Like They Do Alligators, Then Said To Her: “He Is My Dad And Deserves The Truth”. She Was Kind And Was Looking For Appreciation For Taking Care Of Him All The While I Am Gone. So She Got It As She Always Does .

So Here’s Wishing The Phoenix A Happy NY 2018 And Promising I Be Showing Up At Some Point This Year . 2017 Is Totally Put Behind Like A Cloud-Ship In The Sky !

Soon It’s USA Count-Down WOW !

So Very Grateful For Our Unique Genius And Brilliant Famous MFR Practitioner Taking Me On, On The First Of Jan 2018 At 7:45 a.m …

Kudos To That ! WOW ~ So There We Go And No Booz Or Partying For This One Whatsoever ~ Be Going To Bed Early Hopefully And As Always Celebrating All The Joy Of Humanity Through My Atoms ~ Every Party, Every Champagne Bubble, Every Love Making … It’s All Me . All For Me.

So Grateful To Be Allocated And Granted The Grandest, Most Brilliant, Most Honoring, Most Astounding, Most Central Position In Creation . So Grateful To Be Mother Of Creation !

 I Love All My Atoms Till Infinity And Beyond