It’s Time ~ Victory Of The Light Is Finally Here !

Woooohoooooooo ~~~~~~~ 2017 Ending With A Bang Bang Bang ! Yeeeee To The Fuckin Haaaaa !


So Late Events Behind The Scenes Had A Former Love Flame Show Up Again For Christmas. Then Come On Hard Hard Hard For A Couple Days Plan My Move Back To Their Zone To Then Vanish Once More And Get Entangled With Hasnamuss Demonic Karmic Sexual Black Magic Weakness .

In The Past I Wasn’t Able To Break Free From That Being Even Though It Was The Same Scenario That Occured. I Was Concerned For Them And Worked Behind The Scenes To Help Them Rise Out Of Their Karmic Sexual Bondage. I Had Worked With Them In Shasta And They Showed Nothing But Brilliance.

Unfortunately They Got Out Of Mission House To Fall Into Oblivion And Addictions. I Extended My Help And Personally Invited Them To The Island Several Times. They Are Beyond Fallen And Stuck And It Seems Like They Need A Bunch Of Years To Themselves To Heal!

I Am Grateful They Came Through Again; It Allowed Me Full Healing Of Frozen Emotions That Were Due To The Karmic’s Dealings With The Dark And Entrapping Me In Her Spells Too .. I Was Able To Allow The Flame Back In, Embrace Them, Offer Them All My Love, Pound Their Whole Town With Messages Of My Moving Back For Them… All The While Healing My Own Ice Spell ….. They Fell Back Into Their Patterns And I Felt The Impact Of The Darkness Once More ; Two Nights No Sleep .

This Time Though, A Miracle Has Occurred And the Real Father We Are Told Is Finally Stepping Up ~

Is Everyone Ready For The Final ROAR ~

AuRoARa Is Finally Showing Up Radiant, Glamorous, Shiny And Bright As She Is For A New Year !

~ Miracle Hilton Head Healers Coming Through At The 11th Hour And The Whole Body Hologram Healing Should Be Through In Less Than A Week ~

Wishing All Wonder Hearts The Most Amazing Diamond Sparkles Bubbly Love For NYE ~

Who Lucifer Is? You All Soon Will See The Morning Star’s Face xoxo