=) ~ Gentle Breath Against Your Ear . Remember Love ~

To My Twin Flame ~

I Am So Sorry They Tore Us Apart Twice . I Am So Sorry A Demonic Woman Put Black Magic Spells On You, Manipulated You And Binded You To Her With Manipulating You Sexually. I Am Sorry I Wasn’t Stronger And Wasn’t Able To Not Die Since You Went Cold-Turkey On Me The Minute She Put Her Claws Around You.

I Am Sorry You Haven’t Broken Free From Your Family.

I Am So Sorry I Don’t Have A Home Of Mine To Greet You In, A Car To Drive Your Way Or Enough Money To Move To Your Area.

I Am Simply Grateful I Met You. I Cannot Control Things From A Distance. I Did Not Know That A Visit To The Chiropractor On My End Would Mean A Demonic Woman Entering Your Life And You Vanishing.

All I Do Is Pray, Stay The Light, Bring On The Light, Maintain High Vibes Despite Everything. I Know I Did Everything In My Power This Year For Mission Full Planetary Liberation. I Am Grateful For My Hard Work And Wonderful Advancement. I Am Grateful For My Independence, Confidence, Efforts, Joy, Innocence, Sharing, Travels, Working Hard On My True Twin Flame Union While Melting Down Layers Within.


I Wasn’t Able To Move Much Today Let Alone Almost At All. My Twin Flame And I Were Planning To Meet Very Soon For New-Year’s Eve Celebration And A New Year Entitled VICTORY For All.

Instead, I Am Grateful For All The Efforts Of The Youtube Channelers For Sharing Information When I Am Being Cut Off.

I Wish More Than Anything I Knew How To Make This All Much Easier For Everyone. It’s Been Way Too Long And The Entities Are Malignant As Ever Betting On Keeping The Planet Enslaved .

I Cry. I Wish I Knew Better But I Don’t.

Apparently The Energies Are Very High In The Holy-Land. It’s Great To Know All The Healing We Are Doing Collectively Is Assisting Planetary Energies.

I Love You All With My All ~ Mother Of All Creation .

Thanking All In Creation For Your Uplifting Prayers To Release Father OF All Creation From His Bondage As Well As Bringing On The Re*Union Much Anticipated By All For The Highest Benefit Of All.

Blessings And Namaste .