Watermelon ~

Boys Boys Boys ……

Hi . So Here’s Your Special Special Allo Allo Pluto Decoder Transformer From The Birdies … Oh ..

So We Hear You All Are Dealing With Daddy Issues .. HAHaaaayyyyyyyyyy !

Lemme Tell U About A Thing Or Two Here On . So .. Was It That Your Daddy REALLY Hated Women. Liked Them Because He Had To Cos That’s How He Got Food On The Table Growing Up And Clean Floors . But In Fact Daddy Hates Women. so Does Brother. So Do Cousins … Women Are Just Here To Clean Up After Boys . If They Get Purple Hair They Are Whores. If They Are Bleach Blonde .. FORGET IT ………. “This Is Not For Us” … If They Have Big Tits… Instant Erection ..

Forget About Getting A Girl-Friend That Looks Like A Barbie From The Future. Heaven Forbid . And Showing Vulnerability .

Like True Vulnerability .

Ok . So Listen Up . Have You Heard ABout The Gurdjieff Method Where You Just Stop Yourself In The Middle Of An Action And Stand Still For A Moment To Gain Awareness ?

Well I Now Want You All MAsculines To Picture Yourselves Down On Your Knees. With Your Daddy’s Too That Are Perhaps Gay, Perhaps Cheaters, Perhaps Thiefs, Perhaps Drinkers, Perhaps Whatever; That Maybe Made Fun Of You As A Little Boy For Having A Smaller Organ Than Them While They Made Your Mommies Scream In The Room Next Door And You Were All Oedipus Complex Crazy About Mom .. Picture All Your Masculine Lineages Since The Beginning Of Time. All Of You On Your Knees. In A Huge Concentric Circle.

In The Middle Of This Circle Is The Most Grandest, Most Glorious, Most Beautiful, Creature Goddess In Creation. Her Hair, Skin, Body Shape And Smell, As Well As Her Power Is Beyond Divine To The Extent Where You Cannot Look Not To Be Blinded By Her Light.

You Are All So Hot Your Clothes Come Off. All Of You Are Sweating. Regardless Your Creed Size Age Or Color.

All Of A Sudden She Reveals Herself To Be God. She Pulls Out Her Rainbow Bazooka And With One Plasmatic Golden Rainbow Shot Of Light, All Your Dicks Are Suddenly Turned Into Pussies.

That’s Right. All Of A Sudden The Largest To Smallest Amongst You Are Flat. You Feel Like this Goddess Has Sucked Your Cock Off Of You. Doesn’t Feel Anything Less Than Great.

Now That You Have No Protruding Skin That Can Get Rock Hard And Control A Pussy … How Do You Feel ? Can You Cry ? Can You Be Honest Amongst Each Other? Can You Tell Daddy To Fuck Off Cos You Are Fond Of Your Twin Flame And She Loves You Back For Your Heart. Nothing Else.

Can You Finally Be Free Of The Huge Load that Comes With Owning A Precious COCK .

Can You Now ?


Happy Vulnerability Day To All . Cut Your Dicks For A Moment And Start To Feel Something Besides Being Hard And Competing With Daddy On Who’s Harder.

Daddy Failed . OK ???? Look Around . Do You Like What You See ?

Be Honest Now .

Splif ! Taf ~ Puff Pass . LOLOLOL