On Truth !

My Former Partner David Is In Deep Oblivion Mode ~ Had Very Crazy Tendencies And Literally Broke My Whole Life In The Middle East With Words.

I Did The Same Thing He Did To The Middle East, To USA This Year On www.Lovedima.com, And In All My Private Communications With USA Beings.

You Americans Want To Fuck Up My Whole Life And Think You Will Get Away With It … WELL NO.

So I Used All The Words He Taught Me And The Ways He Taught Me Against His Own This Time. Calling Him Out And His People. No You All Are No Better Than Us. Merda Collectiva. Same Story Another Day.

I Truly Don’t Know Who This Person Truly Is. I Believe He Doesn’t Know Either. Same As Amy. Plus My Heart Beat In The Same Manner When Each Of Those Beings Contacted Me. Both Found Me Through Facebook. I Used One To Get Away From The Other Then Vica-Versa. Now It’s All Canceled Out.

Even Though It Was A HUGE Nightmare For Years .. Being Yelled At, Diminished, While Still Being The Greatest Healer And Keeping On Keeping On To Heal Them From The Fatality That Is Current Day USA …. Taking Every Breath As A Chance To Be The Change And the Difference.

No Clue Why I Attracted All These Players In My Life. But Certain I Will Find Out All There Is To Still Find Out Soon! This Life-Time Is IT! Be Glad You Are Reading These Lines!

They All Tried To Reverse It On Me .. Like I’m The Bad Guy .. Ohhh Who Are Youuuuuu …

I’m Like. I’m Your Mirror And I Won’t Say Until You Are All Laundered And Dry Cleaned.

I Took The Blame And I Carried The Cross. And I Took Everything David Said About Me As My Own. Took Full Responsibility For It All. After All, I Gave Him Free Reign Over All My Life: Email, Social Media And All For Years And He Wrote Freely And We Forwarded To Infinite Beings. I Wasn’t Trapped Or Kept Against My Own Will. Matter Of Fact He Yelled At Me Quite Often Ordering Me To GO HOOOME. But I Stayed. I Know Enlightened Ppl. And I’d Rather Sit Around One Be Yelled At Rather Than Go To Unconsciousness.

I Was Simply Looking Forward To Being freed Up From My Former Role And Be All I Am Instead Of Someone Always Trying And Never Getting There -Hierarchical Patriarchy – (The Present Day Average American Says: “I TRy” As If It’s A Good Thing. I Always Correct Them: No You’re It. You Don’t Try. But In Present Day USA Being A Retard Is Cool.)

I Even Agreed To Sign A Paper At Middle-East Court Saying I Am Insane. Which I’m Not. But I Did Not Want To Incriminate David As i Still Wanted To Make Ends Meet And Keep An Open Door For Him In The Middle-East. I Was Ready To Forgive All For Love.

((We Had Wonderful Moments That I Will Never Forget. He Will Always Be Family To Me Even Though He No Longer Acts Like It Himself. His Unconditional Love Turned Out Conditional. He Ain’t A Perfect Master.))

After All This Though, I Showed Up BAck In USA in The Same Town He Lives In Unannounced to Surprise Him; He Never Crossed The Bridge Once To See Me. So The Cause Of The Masculine Narcissism Is Right Here For All To Watch. I Was In Litteral Disbelief Having Traveled Miles For him And He Never Took A 20 Minute Car Ride For Me.

Same As All The Men That Went To Mission House. They Drove 4 Days To Get A Position Of Make Believe Bubble-Gum Power. Then They All Called Me For A Whole Year Saying I’m Their True Twin Flame. No One Drove Here For Me And They Are All Really Near. All Are On The East Coast.

Me.. Little Me. With No Car, No Citizenship, No Home, No Job, No Family, Was Able To Show Up For Them All, All The Way To California Coming Back Wherever They Called me From.

What Did I Get In Return ? NARCISSISM .

So What Do You All Get Daily … HAHAHA!

Your Daily Dose of LOVEDIMA.COM



Just Really Need To Know Who The Bad Guy Is At This Point. So Done Carrying Someone Else’s Crimes And Sins And Darkness. I Know It’s Not Me .

I Am Innocent. I Am Kind!

Thanks Holy Spirit For Handling Canceling Out The Root Of All Evil. TONIGHT .

We Go Into 2018 Pure And Pristine. I Am Done Forever With Anyone Spying On Me Or Thinking I Am A Threat To Them Or To Myself. It’s Enough.

Thanks For My Freedom. Thanks For My Total Liberation. Thanks For My Rewards. Thanks For My Blessings. Thanks For My Twin Flame Union. Thanks For Ease. Thanks For Joy. Thanks For Justice. Thanks For Total Truth. Thanks For Full On Healing. Thanks For Reintegration.


Also . And After All The USA Drama .. Thank Goodness They Reminded Me I Have A Twin Flame Here. And That I Met The Guy. So All Is Well That Ends Well!

Crossing Fingers!