On My Dad ~ Taught Me Everything I Know

Punctual. Timely. Precise. Sharp. Impeccable. A True King.

He Has Never Failed Us Once. Provided Food And Shelter Even Under The Bombs .. Drove Me To School On His Motorcycle Had Me Drink Coca-Cola For Breakfast For Caffeine 😉

My Dad! One And Only!

Wakes Up Early Everyday. Sleeps Early Every Night. Can’t Handle Much Booz Really. Very Healthy And Into Sports And Nature: Ocean, Long Walks. Pretty Balanced Man Has Got Himself A Great New Partner And Does Wonderful With His Beautiful Pup, Maintaining Both His City Home And Mountain Home, Both His Gardens … And Turning A Blind Eye Daily To The Home Him And My Mom Built That They Took Away From Him Once David Started To Write All Sorts Of Crazy Things About My Family.

 I Honestly Am Barely Able To Fathom How My Dad Still Breathes After Having Me As A Daughter …. I Ran Away From Home And Married His Polar Opposite….. Same Age As Him .. LOL

It’s Funny In Retrospect But During The Story It Was Outrageous. I Now Am Wise Enough To Know How Much Appreciation I Have For His Eternal Golden Silence. David Would Yell Hours On The Phone, In My Ears, Or By Email, Incriminating All Of Us Of Being The Greatest Criminals Alive When In Fact He Made All My Country Believe I Was Going To Kill My Comatose Mom If I Ever Saw Her Again By Ordering My Family To Kill Her Calling Them All Criminals For Keeping Her Alive.

Huge Drama And Little Me In The Middle Of Super Jew Psycho Insanity Vs Super Proud Phoenician.

HILARIOUS . I Would Litterally Crack Up The Whole Time He Yelled. To Me It Was Like Watching Daffy Duck Lost In A Bubble. I was In Disbelief. And It Was Far Too Interesting To Miss Out On. Best Show In Creation By FAR. One Story Pictures ….

Have You All Watched Return Of The Living Dead ? Arachnophobia? Aliens 1-2-3 … ? Evolution ? And Much More .. All Dave Production .

My Dad … Impeccable Provider Magnanimous Family Man. Fridge Always Full. House Always Clean. His Clothes Always Impeccable. His Lemony Scents Every Morning AFter His Showers. His Always Amazing And Clean Cars. And He Provided ! Everything . And Still Does! He Still Pays For My Daily Food. At A Distance. After All …

So Cheers To USA Marrying Phoenix. IT’s Been One Heck Of A Ride !

Is My Dad A Bad Daddy ? Not That I Know Of ! My Best Memories Are All The Magic We All Experienced Traveling The World Since My Birth… MAGIC! Every Moment Is Magic! My Memories Of Joy Is All I Have That Keeps Me Shining! All The Love! All My Communities!

Eons Now . David Still Yells At Everyone Through Me.

What Have You Done To This Guy Mother America ? 12:12 .

LOL ~ Always Grateful For My Amazing Dad For Taking The High Road. And Keeping Our Family United. Soon The Uncles Will Give Up Their Stance No Doubt.

What Do They Tell My Baby Cousins? Oh Dima’s Vanished. Well That Can Be True. I’m Showing Up Blonde, Morphed And I Am Aurora!

So In The End. Thanks Dave For Breaking My Life. I’m Getting Myself A Better One. I Know Your Goal Was To Possess And Own All Of Me. I Won! Wooohooo

Super Grateful For Amy Too! Through Her I Met My Twin!

All Is Well .