It’s Exponential ~

Angels Have Been Showing Me For The Last 42 Hours All About The Speed Of Manifestation Power, And How Tainted And Slow Atomic Movement Has Been For Years Now, As The Love Momentum Has Been Manipulated By External Forces.

Now That The Darkness Is Almost Vanquished, All The Gaps In Creation For Manifestation Are About To Be Closed Forever To Never Again Resurface.

Have You Noticed How Much Power One Puts In One’s Arrow Before The Atoms Actually Sense The New Direction ?

In A Nut-Shell, And Going Quick Scrolling Through 2017 Reboot Year Pics And Events, Watching ME Recapture My Whole Self, There Has Been Lots OF Colors, Rainbows And Bridges To Be Connected And Established To Anchor In The Desired Outcome.

One Little Cake Production Has Been Taking The Force OF Hercules And Athena Combined To Get The Ingredients Perfect And Right And The Bake Equally Astounding. The Dark Forces Have Really Impeded The Progress And I Am Humbled And Grateful To Have Been The Chosen One For Mission Redressing The Current.

I Thank All Hearts For Choosing Me As Your Leader Out OF The Old-Paradigm And Into The New. I Thank All Co-Creators And Bow To Each Of You .

The Angels Showing Me Flowering As Well As Speedy Gonzales Re-Entering My Field! This Healing Journey Is Now Targeting Every Tissue At The Deepest.

They Are Sayin’ Moment Casablanca Is On It’s Way ~ Harmonic Convergence . As Mother Of All Creation, Holy-Spirit, Sophia-Aurora, Rainbow Diamond, Releases The Last Encumbering Cover-Ups Or Denials ~ It’s Operation Zoom Zoom With A Boom ~ 5:55

In My Lower-Self Yoga-Mat Sleeping Beauty Blessed Repose, I Am Shown The Above Where It’s Love Eternal In Fired Up Eyes And Hearts, Re-Lighting The Shine Of The Stars In Our Skies.

I Am So In Love And So In Gratitude