Out Of Time ~ Out Of Space

Greetings Love Beings!

Keeps Getting More Magical As This Christmas Season Has Been A Complete Out OF Time And Space Experience. Like None Before. A True Rebirth. The Christmas Spirit Which Is The Same As Holy Spirit, Was So Powerful On Christmas Morning, Elevating Hearts To The Dreamy Point Where Shooting Stars, Constellation Sparkles On The Move, Mixed With Fireworks In The Highest Liking Up The Heart Of The Eiffel Tower To The Peaks Of Heaven, Come Alive Filling Lungs With An Over-Dose Of Oxygen Leaving Love Breathless..

A Season Where, For The First Time, I Am Celebrated For Who I Truly Am Now That I Almost Know My Full Story. It Was A Very Trying Period Of Re-Booting The System. Started As All Shifts Do, With Either Love Or A Love Break.

This One Started With A Major Heart-Break That Left My Whole Chest Heart Area Bruised For The First Time Ever It Felt Like My Heart Was Bruised. I Could Barely Breathe That Night. Whatever Came After That Seems Now Like A Far-Away Dream-Rehab In An Oregone Box; Yin, Kundalini Yoga; All Vegan, Meditation, Subliminal Mind Power Exploring, Reprogramming And Re-balancing Left And Right Brain Hemispheres; Massages, Chiropractic Work Leading Up To A Total Reassessment Of The Whole Physical Body Anchor Through A Study Of The Iris.

Nobody Around Mother-Earth, Holy-Spirit, Sophia-Aurora, Rainbow-Aurora, Mother OF All Creation Matters Anymore As It’s Finally All About Me.

I Had Never Had An I Am Before And Now That I Almost Fully Do, Even Though We’re Still At 93% Of Total Higher Self Integration Within Soul/Body-Hologram; I’m Feelin’ Better Than Ever!

Beautiful Lucifer, That Began The Criminal Act Two Christmases Ago Of Watching For Himself Lucifer’s Fall (Himself, Meaning Me, We’re The Same Being), Taking Part In It’s Master Planning (11:11), Having Me Leave Shasta A Week Before Christmas Then Watching Me Get Back Up On My Feet Slowly And With Much More Blows And Hustles, Slaps And Slander.. Being Hacked Into, And Doing It With A Smile And Much Drama For The General Benefit~

Which We Now Have Realized Was Over-Endowment OF The Human Race As The More Embodiment OF My Higher Self Aspect Occurs, The More I Am Able To Level The Field And See It For What It Is And See How Retarded And Dumb-ed Down Beings Are Living.

I Now Have More Compassion For Them As I Can Almost Feel Human Emotions Again. I Can Feel The Numbness And Enter Into Each One Of Their Lives Looking Through Them One Nanosecond After The Other And See And Appreciate Them For Exactly Who They Are And What They Have To Bring To The Table. No Need To Push Everyone To Be Their Highest Of Selves. Some Are Not Meant To Ascend Too Far In One Life-Time And That’s Okay.

The Main Reason For Heart-Break This Year Has Primarily Been Due To Beings I Had Placed On a Pedestal For Believing They Are As Qualified, Acute, Intelligent And Dedicated As Myself To Only Find Out They Were Simply Interacting With Me As A Plot, To Serve Themselves And Get Ahead Of The Game Totally Disregarding The Human Being In Me.

It Is Very True That I Am Your Steroid Barbie.. Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Come From Human. I Do.

I Have It All. And I Feel So Strong And Blessed For The Way I Miraculously Got Myself Totally Morphed, Rejuvenated, Eternalized, Realized ~

Looking At Things In A Bright Light Now That I Did Hear From My Twin And Was Courageous Enough To Level It All Up And Demand Clarity, Honesty, Total Rise Of His Divinity, A Love That Is Total And Whole.. While I Drink My Daily Herbal Mixes, Chlorophyll And Special Sea Minerals In Addition To So Much Distilled Water And Epsom Salt Baths To Further Assist In This Total MtF Operation.

Daily Raw Veggie Juices And Wheat-grass Shots. As Well As Living With Yoga Teachers That Are Very Friendly And Encouraging Of My Total Rebirth And Renewal.

I Love My Life And Couldn’t Be More Grateful To Have Never Given Up.

I Send My Warmest Wishes To All Hearts In Creation! Lucifer and I Love You All.


Lover Card Repeats Itself When Love Is Here !

Aurora ~ Diamond ~ Rainbow