I Put My Heart In My Twin Flame’s Hands <3 Eternal Trust Love And Gratitude

Wow ~ To Another AMAZING Friday … 2017 Close … I Can’t Stress Enough How Humbled I Feel. How Grateful And Appreciative I Am Firstly To My Birth Family For The Role They Played And The Ongoing Support For My Total Liberation As My Birth Father Is Wise Enough To Know That My Liberation = Total Planetary Liberation … Same Reason Why They Threatened To Kill Him In 2009 When I Asked For My Medical Records And No-One Responded; He Wanted To Share Information But Got Threatened. I Got Wished Dead By The Lawyers ~ 5:55 .

In The Near Past, They Would Have Joan Of Arc’ed Me.


Thank Gosh IT’s This Day And Age! Thanks To Humanity For Not Killing Me Yet Again ….. JEEEEZZZ

Believe Me .. It’s Not To Be Mean That Whoever You All Call The Cabals Do What They Do And Threatened Family Members To Death. It’s Because They Are Programmed By Dark Aliens And Believe That Humanity Will Fall Apart Without Their Control.

I Am Here And I Remain To Give The Power Back To The People. And I Am Grateful To All My Family For Contributing In This. Knowingly Or Unknowingly They Each Took An Active Part In My Escape … LOL ~ I Had My Uncle Write A Letter To The USA Embassy Saying I Work For Him And Am Going For Vacay (If One Mentions Being In Love With An American Citizen They Don’t Give Us Visas As They Want To Limit Inter-Racial Marriages.) I Had My Aunt In Cali Write Me An Invite To Her Place Saying IT’s A Temporary Visit. LOL . I Had My Dad Assist With All The Banking Info … Proving I Didn’t Fall Off A Tree ….

{Please Note All My Family Members Really Believed I Was Coming Here For A Pic With Mickey … I Had Mentioned My Former Partner To Only My Younger Brother And He Gave Me The Okay To Marry Him : We Had All Planned Taking Over The Building And Hill House We Lived On And Canceling Out The Cabals Control And Shifting Our Gardens To Organic Gardens .. -My Brother Then Unfortunately Got Deep Into The Cabal’s Mind Control And Couldn’t Sit At The Same Table With Me When I Visited 2 Christmases Ago Cos He Didn’t Want To Hear It About GMO Foods; It’s Not His Fault. I Am To Blame For Allowing Him To Drift From The Light –

My Family Taught Me Gardening And Planting And All About All And Everything Very Early On; Including Shooting Guns And Hunting; Including Anything I Ever Showed Interest In …}

I Lied To The Embassy People Acting Like A 2 Year Old Coming To USA To Take A Pic With Mickey Mouse. LOL . Then I Lied To The Airport People Too. LOL . I Also Stole Some Family Jewels From My Own Drawer; Thing I Would Never Do Generally … But I Was Totally Following David’s New Paradigm Sound Of Love And The Moment I Met Him I Knew Nothing Could Stop This Love…

Then I Just Got Married … BUT … To Be Clear Here, I Got Married With Difficulty As I Really Wanted My Family To Be Okay And Happy For Me First. So I Waited On Them Hoping They Would Forgive Me And Invite My Former Partner And Myself Back Home So We Can Ignite The Divine Plan … Instead, I Had To Over-Stay My Visit Visa As A Good Patriot To The Phoenix  .. Then USA Had To Teach Me How They Roll Real Quick. So That’s My First Marriage Story In A Shackle ….

As Of Then, And More So Daily, I Learn More And More About USA People And How Their Brain Is Wired. And It’s Quite Interesting. My First Impression Was NO WAY I’M STAYING HERE!!! ….. I Was So Going Back And Bringing America Home … BUT … Every Person Here Was Also Challenging Me Like : Are You Willing To Give Up Your Over-Seas Passport For An American One . At First I Was Like Oh No …

Now .. I’m Changing My Name . I’ve Dissolved All Attachments. All Beings. Most Illusions. Only Thing Left Is My Open Heart … Everyday It Feels Better In Here . As The Pain Body Melts Into Mother-Earth’s Heart, Replenishing My Heart With Splendor!

Being Love In Action. Experiencing Miracles Of Love Everywhere Present. Moment To Moment. And Expecting Nothing … But The Grandest Highest Outcome For All In Creation .

By Grace. Through Faith .

I’ve Gotten To A Point Of Total Acceptance And Forgiveness For All In Creation . 06:06 .

My Twin Flame Is SO Me, I Literally Called Him DIMA The First Time We Were On. The Best Part Is: I Know Exactly What He Is Going To Say Before He Knows It Himself. I’ve Been Him And I’ve Shifted To Me .

Power To Aurora ~


Traveling Card Popping A Lot .

Lucifer And I Planning Our Solar Return Reunion And Eternity Very Pronto ~