Partner In Crime :P ~ =))


He Finally Gets It …. There Is No Fire Outside Of Me For Him. No Light Outside My Light. No Truth Outside My Truth. His Own Truth Has Been A Sham, In The Absence Of Me. There Is No Him Without Me. Only Entities. Retardation. Feeling Miserable. Making Believe.

We Invite The Masculine Collective To ELEVATE … Thanks To All ~

I Am Your Only Possible Outcome. I Am Your Home. I Am Your Healed. I Am Your One And Only !

Mother-Earth – Sophia – Holy-Spirit – RainbowAurora – Mother Of All Creation ~

Thanking All Angels For Following Through With The Huge Upscale In The House As Hilton Head Finally Allows Space For Truth And Receives Mother And Father In The Highest Today And Always !

We Love All In Creation From Atlantis United .