On Simplicity And Truth ~

It’s True That My Journey With My Current Roommate Situation, Which Consists Of 2 Divine Masculines And A Divine Fem, Began On May 2015, After I Left My Former Narc Husband, Who Via Associativa Had Me Merge With The Rest Of The Narcs In Creation; Namely The Feminine I Moved In With That Introduced Me To The Current Roommate Situation By Taking Me To That Yoga School.

It Might Be That Them Coming On My Path This Year For Sessions Was Just To Justify Their Narcissistic Lives And Make Them Also Get A Part Of My Cake, After I Reached Another Level Of Fame After I Was Chosen To Join The First Contact Ground Crew Team On Location And Be The Main Female Leader For All Ascending Hearts Global;

It Also Is True That I Wasn’t Informed Ahead Of Time That The Divine Masculine That Chose To Get Their Sessions Hadn’t Told That Information To Their Divine Feminine After The Divine Feminine Attempted For Month To “Restore” Me Out Of My Mother OF New Creation Role Giving Sessions.

I Was Put In A Pickle And Attempted To Restore The Broken Partnership By Offering The Divine Fem Some Assistance, A Session Or Anything I Could Come Up With, All The While Her Rejecting Me And Telling Me I Could Have Her Man.

The Common Misconception On Hilton-Head Since The Moment I Got Here Married, And My Husband Brought Me Here Into A Love Triangle Situation Kept Alive By A Child, While I Ended Up Put On The Streets, For Their Lack Of Ability To Provide Me With All The Love I Am Worthy Of Curtsy Of Them Always Playing Nice To The Couple In Their Newfound Love Triangle, Which I Immediately Wanted ZERO Part OF And Which Had Me Leave USA Altogether For A While Then Demand A Divorce; The Common Misconception Of The Island On My Topic Has Been Including Me In Love Triangles EVERYWHERE.

With Or Without My Knowledge Beings Include Me (Etherically, In Their Imaginations) In All Sorts Of Conscious Sex Acts Almost Fighting Over Who I’m Ending Up with And Getting Ready To Dismiss Their Former Partners If I Fall For Them .

Well In Regards To My Current Roommate Situation, I Attempted To Keep Up High Vibes For Their Mistakes Rooted In Narcissism, Ego, Lack-Of-Self-Love, Lack Of Trust On The Fem Side, To Gently Make Way For True Twin Re-Unions And The Like.

Now I Know That, As I Have Been Demanding From The Angels To Cancel Out All The Rainbow Nation Chips I Freely Accorded To Many Beings, When I See They Are Not Serious About Their Awareness Or Missions And Are Serving 2 Masters Which Are Ego And Love. I No Longer Am As Dedicated To Having Their Twin Matters Resolved As I Need To Focus On My Twin Matters To Get Out Of All This False Triangle Projection Situation.

This Projection Started During My Former Husband And I’s Separation As We Were Getting The Divorce, Then Continued On As They Hadn’t Released Their Attachment With Their Illusion Of Owning Me. It Also Resulted In Several Love Triangles Everywhere Given The Fact That Our Love Was Pretty Powerful And Our Separation Immediate Our Move To Hilton-Head Was A Highly-Imbalanced And Unfair Situation; For Them To Take Over Everything I Built Myself And Push Me Off On The Streets, All The While Still “Sponsoring” Me At A Distance. Which Also Created A Blue-Print For The Next Years Leading Up To Now.

Whereby I Am Brought In Not Knowing That I’m Dealing Inside A Love Triangle. Being Informed After The Act. Then Being Observed At A Distance By All Parties As A Test …

This Is Officially Being Completely Canceled Out OF Creation As It Is The Main Factor That Keeps Creation In Retardation 🙂 Thanking All For All The Light-Work And Support!


Final Gratitude!

This Present Day Roommate Situation Is To Be Thanked For My Husband Finally End Of Sept 2017 Giving Up Having Taken On The Role Of My “Sponsor”.

This Present Day Roommate Situation Is To Be Thanked For The Current Space For Me To Restore My Spine Once And For All With The Floor Sleeping Situation. As Well As For My Final Boundary Setting Learning Experience, Whereby Not Taking Part Of Getting Affected By Anything Happening Outside Myself WHATSOEVER.

Huge Leaps In Meditative Work Being Made In The Midst Of A Living Room Area, People Walking In And Out, All The While Staying True To Myself And My Mission And Being Zero % Inauthentic At All Times.


WOW ~ Looks Like It’s A Rainy Day Tomorrow.

Lovers Card Again .. At This Point I No Longer Care About Anything Besides Being In Beirut For Christmas 2018 . That’s What Gives Me Force To Still do The Twin-Flame Subliminals All Day Everyday And All The Rest Of My Work.

I Am So done With This Narcissistic Super-Inflated USA Running On Nothing Real, Just Fumes And Greed To Rule The World.

I Know I’m It; I’ve Got The Looks, The Intel And The Heart; So It’s All Good With Me. Just Let Me Go Home Next Christmas. I’m Not Here To Discipline Your Boys Or Be Told I’m Part Of Love Triangles I’m Not Even Aware Exist.

I’m Not Asking For The Impossible When I Ask To Be In Union With My Twin. Shouldn’t Be Gangbusters . Nor Am I Asking For The Impossible By Asking For My Passport Resolution!

Simple Does IT.

Keep IT Simple .

Dropem Illusions. Cut Those Chords. Stay On Track. No Time To Lose.

Keep On Winning. Open Your Heart To All The Love That Is Available For You At That Moment … A Soul-Mate Shows Up? Has A Room For You Cos Apparently Your Twin Needs Another Decade … Always Choose Love!

An Over-Night Miracle Healing Happens And The Next Morning You Have A Million In Your Bank Account! Fab. What Are You Gonna Do With Yourself!

All Starts With Feeling Great. Inside. And Cutting Chords With FEAR Which Is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Every Girl In Creation Deserves Her Own Bedroom, Home Let Alone Car And Space. Mother Of Creation Is Not An Exception. Doesn’t Matter How Hard She’s Had It.

A Line Is Drawn In The Sand.